Friday, December 18, 2009

The Mudcat Mundane

The original Mudcat Mundane was basically one man's feeble attempt to herd oldime stringband.

The Georgia Mudcats are a North Georgia stringband, deemed the bottom feeders of the music world...everything looks up to us!

The website is old...almost as old as the music we play, but John Grimm, webmaster, doesn't have much to work with here...procrastination is rampant amongst the Mudcats. There are pictures, but you probably won't recognise us now.

The other function of the Mudcat Mundane was to convey information as to when people were avaliable for practice, jobs, recording sessions, and planning trips+ general gossip about a variety of things, nothing very deep, mind you.

Gossip is an incredible truth! So much information is imparted by way of gossip that the whole world depends on gossip. Life would be boring without it. Storytelling is an art, and truth has very little to do with a good story, so hang on to what you love the best...'cause you're gonna have to determine what's gossip, what is truth and what just makes a good story.

Another reason for this form of entertainment is that I have a daughter. She has a blog called Cloudless Sulphur ( She's a very interesting writer, and, pretty good at it, BUT she is prone to a family weakness, embellishing truth, for the sake of the story, a sign of a true journalist (which she ain't).

The Mundane will put you straight about the latest from Cloudless Sulphur and whatever else I feel needs to be addressed.

No politics or religion going on here: that should eliminate most of you fairly early in the game. I have voted twice in my life and one of those was for Homecoming Queen in High School. The label "no affiliation" should cover the latter.

So, nothing to prove, lots of experiences, some time to kill, and I need to remember how to spell. I still don't know the parts of speech, which my 91 year old ex English teacher mama finds exasperating...I might learn 'em for her Christmas present this year.

Remember: All decisions are made on insufficient data. Don't take advice too seriously...and believe only what you experience, anyone elses experiences are their own! Learn to say NO!

(I'll try, too)

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