Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wall Mark

No, not Wally World... the wall mark. We have the good fortune to have "right light" at the farm.
Every morning the golden light floods the kitchen and every evening that same golden light floods the living room through the respective windows.

When we built the porch, I built skylight panels into the roof so the light would come in over the kitchen sink...ain't nothing worse than staring at a blank wall while you do dishes.

After the leaves are gone, the sun makes it northern journey so that the light creeps into the only warm spot in the house, the wood stove, just at 8:00 on the 21st of Dec.

Every Dec 21, I'm standing by the stove, Sharpie in hand, to make a dot where the sun slices straight edged by the door jamb at exactly old Druid custom...i have read about.

Another cup of coffee, a piece of wood in the stove , a long sigh of relief as the sun begins it's southward journey. I'm a creature of light I guess...or maybe my grandfather 300times removed was the keeper of the sun clock at a temple somewhere in the world.

No worries until June 21st, then I'll be playing music in West Va on the banks of the Williams River. Grasshoppers unite!

I'll take time to reflect on the longest day of the year, with a certain sadness.


  1. Ya'll do have some pretty good light in your house. They knew how to position a doublewide back in the days, didn't they?

  2. double wides are a figment of imagination, and their oreintation is done by lights, mirrors, and good