Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Birthday Girl

My daughter is having a birthday. Not any birthday. A birthday that requires a week of feasting, high fiving, movie going, and any other festivities that can be arranged.

It's Jessyln Capen Shields' birthday, ya'll! She's really Jesslyn Capen Nuse. But Brian Nuse doesn't have a bit of control over Jesslyn Capen Shields' birthday. He's a very wise man.
Jesslyn will tell you how old she is. She's proud of every birthday of it. Virginia, her Grand MAMA will tell you she's 91 before you even ask her...they is proud of they years!

I don't know how birthdays got to be such a big deal with Jessie and Allison. I guess they mama done it to 'em...she and the girls are still prone to celebrations...I ran for cover, as there was usually a food fight before the birthday cake part was over, usually involving the poor cake...

Jessie' B day is very special. Black Holes turn white for a week in January, no fooling. I mean. small moons stop rotating around their respective suns and come to Jessie house for BIRTHDAY week...and have a blast. Louis the 14th, the Sun King, has to use a flashlight to get around in broad daylight during Jessie's Birthday day week. NASA names a space shot in her honor. This, after the President proclaims January to be Jessie's Birthday Month.

Jessie was born on Jan 9th 1978 in Rusty Flint's house on Macomb Street in Chevy Chase, Maryland. She was born on Richard Nixon's birthday, and the ungrateful so and so didn't send her a card. She was born on her grandfather's birthday, and he lit his pipe and said "Hmmm, a girl , huh"?

I had to drive her to Sibley Hospital in Washington DC to be checked for a Billy Ruben's blood count on icy roads with John Wigglesworth riding shotgun holding the wee bairn like a fullback going through the line, should my mighty fine '68 Mercury Montego station wagon take a spin on the ice. It was that bad.

A strange phenomenon occurred on Jessie's Birthday night. We painted one of Rusty's bedroom, and finished just before Jessie's mama went into labor. It had been one of those Jan. thaw days, cloudy, and unseasonably warm. About 2:00AM, all hell broke loose and rain began in earnest. I happened to glance a the wall, and the paint was running like water around the big triple windows. Rusty said it was the only time in her 25 years in the house she had seen those windows leak! Within thirty minutes, the rain changed to sleet, then snow, and all froze before 5:00 in the morning!

Of course! Jessie, at 2 hours old, had to have somebody to party with, it was her stinking Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jess
That is my old truck, not Jessie. I just learned to put a picture on here, not the one I wanted, but I can't make it to go away. It's a very nice 1955 first series 3100 5 window, a rare truck. Jessie forbade me to come to Darlington School to pick her up in it, especially on her BIRTHDAY, or any other day, as I remember.


  1. Thanks Daddy! It is a very impotant day, indeed. And I never forbade you from driving old blue, since that was pretty much our only option for transport. Better than walking.

  2. You're right, it was Allison that wanted to live on Horse Creek Road and have a mom that drove a Volvo wagon. She was the one who didn't like Old Blue... 'course all the guys thought it was cool! Old Blue is still better that walking and more fun to drive than a new one.


  3. I think you pretty much got it right except I don't remember John Wigglesworth with the football baby. I do remember the the scottish neighbor who came in and said magical words in Gaellic and left silver Scottish dollars on her eyes before leaving and the little witchy woman who did some other kind of magic to get Jessie to nurse.