Saturday, January 23, 2010

Health Care?

As you know, dear readers, I had a belly button rearragement this past week and have asked for some suggestions of what to do with myself. I decided today is rant day, forgive me, but hear me out.

What I really am starting to get burned about is the tranfere of health care funds from the Commonwealth, ie Medicare, which I pay out of my measly Social Security check every month to the tune of 98.00 a month.

This 98.00 is MY contribution to the Common Wealth, (as in the Commonwealth) of this country by way of the taxes we all pay. The Social Security Administration contracts my$ 98.00 allowance to a health care plan owned by a PRIVATE insurance company, to administer... so commonwealth just became private wealth. Does this make sense?

So, our tax money, put into a pot as "common wealth" is transfered to a privately owned firm which offers us a healthcare service so fraught with wherefore's and whereases that no one can understand a damn word of it.

Very simply said, private insurance companies makes a BIG profit off our government's lack of iniative, or ability, to administer it's own Social Security programs. I also pay that insurance company an extra monthly premium of $39.00 over and beyond the Government stipend to administer my interest in my own well being.

Now, all I have said is dumbass conjecture on my part, but I think it is as close as anyone elses dumbass conjecture.

All that rant leads to this. My lasts years Admistrator/Insurance company pulled out of my market after just a year. Must not have been as profitable as other markets, so that bunch of rougues pulled out for greener pastures! My new plan was barely installed in time for my surgery. There were some real hard to understand changes. To Wit:

My surgery was out patient. The new insurance says that if I have outpatient surgery, I must pay out of pocket 20% of the TOTAL COST. If I go into the hospital overnight for the proceedure, I pay $250.00 PERIOD, my insurance covers the rest.

The doctor will only do this proceedure out patient. What's the deal? Shouldn't it be cheaper to have an outpatient surgery than an unnecessary nights stay in the hospital? Of course!.

So, is it any wonder health care reform is so bitterly contested by insurance giants and special interest group? All that COMMONWEALTH coming there way! Manna from Heaven, how sweet it is!

The Wherefo's and Whereases by the insurance companies and special interests add up to "bend over, ya'll, nothing is gonna' change anytime soon, if we can help it!"

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  1. I can't believe you couldn't talk that doctor into putting you in the hospital for a night. Did you stand up and tower over him? Obviously you stayed seated when he was in the room.