Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Too much time


Hears the deal...I paid someone to fix an umbilical hernia some 15 years ago and it's going bad. I'm got to get it fixed this week sometime., no big deal. Now, the biggie... what do you do for six weeks while the thing heals? Playing music is a given. Travel is out for a few weeks,

I was living ballast for a sailboat when I broke my collar bone. All I had to do is drink beer and move from side to side when told to do so. A pleasant way to recuperate. I wasn't a free man when had the last one, and after a week rode arond in a truck as step and fetch for the parks dept. I'm a freeman now, with my own prioritites, and 15 acres to lord over, and no serfs. What to do for the recovery?

I don't drink anymore, so alcoholic stupor is out, and it's too expensive, War and Peace is not on my reading list. I'm used to being an John Deere tractor most of the time. I 've thinking about starting another recording...but very few people buy CD's of my musical genre...it ain't hip enough...so that's out. I'll just have to get creative.

Readers are asked to reply with suggestions!


  1. Jessie's ideas:
    1.Babysit your grandbaby!
    2.Learn to knit.
    3. Ride around in your truck, visitin'.

    I have more, but that will do for now.

  2. Keep posting! I haven't caught up yet! YAY!

  3. Hey wait, you're CD's are always hip! Do that!!