Monday, March 29, 2010

Trees, Milk Jugs, Motorcycles and Volvos

Spring is in full bloom. The Japanese Magnolias in the front yard actually bloomed without being killed by frost for the first time since we moved here 14 years ago. Why hell they decided to plant them out here in the woods is a mystery to me, well, not exactly.

Even when people live in the middle of the woods,  or other inappropriate places, they tend to want to keep up with the Jones'. I'm convinced of this. Why else would people fill milk jugs with different color paints, shake them up, put sand in the bottom and line their red clay driveway with them. Ever drive  by a McManison and sees a manicured landscape that includes a Japanese Magnolia in full bloom, and solar lights lining the driveway?  People take note and  store that information away, and say to themselves. "When I get my mighty fine double wide trailer house, I'm gonna plant one of those at each end to impress."...Who?

I hate to admit it, being a native species advocate for the most part, but I have planted 3 Japanese Red Maple and what I call a Willow Maple, a Japanese import, also.  I really can't tell you why. My best guess is to impress myself, and if other people like it, good on me!
I wouldn't trade my place for anyone else's mighty fine double wide McTrailerhouse..Japanese Magnolias and all! I guess I really do things because I thought they were  cool at the time.To hell with the whys and wherefore's. Embarrassing to admit, but some colored milk jugs in the driveway ain't near as tacky as somethings I've done, like putting thei old '66 Volvo up on red, white and blue concrete blocks in front of the pottery shop. I even mounted the Suzuki 80cc trail bike that broke my collar bone on the mantle piece of the old house in W Va.

I will tell you that if one lives in in Washington, DC , the projected date of the Japanese Cherry trees to be in full bloom is April 3 and 4 according to NPR. I really looked forward to "the bloom" when I lived in DC because it meant spring was only a killing frost or two. or two killings. 

The cherry blossoms were always willing to playing strip poker. They didn't lose their lives, just their pretty dresses if frost hit, but they get to play again next year!

David Morgan says,"This time of year brings such promise." Ain't it so, ain't it so.

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