Saturday, July 24, 2010

Daniel Schorr is dead

The second most cantankerous man I ever knew is dead. Daniel Schorr died yesterday at 93.

Dan was  preceded in death by Wayne Rhodes Shields, my father. Both were iconic public servants, both were NOT politically correct. They just  did there job despite Eisenhower's Kennedy's, Nixon's, Johnson's and whoever else had their pictures on the wall at the time.

Their philosophies were similar. Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead...and don't bruise the martinis...I"ll tell you when we"re finished, and no you can't have the car, and here's two dollars for the 4 cords of wood you spit today. Tough Love, for true.

Daniel Shore was asked if he were going to defend his Triathlon Medal at the Olympics...his answer? He had been accused of taking steroids, and disqualified. He was 88 then, I think. He wanted It Ain't Necessarily So, with him singing, played at his funeral. His favorite song was "Brother, Can you Spare a Dime."
Wayne Shields' last words to his three children in the same place, at the same time..."don't throw the baby out with the bath water."  I thought it a little strange, but understand  it better 30 years later. I put him to bed, and he died a week later....true to his inner wishes...alone, except for his nurse. No muss no fuss...just get on with it.

It would be interesting to hear DanielSchorr's last words. Irascible to the end. I'm sure. Gone are the last two voices of straight, no BS, don't give a damn what you think this is the way it is. Period 

Never liked Wayne Rhodes Shields very much, too stiff, too opinionated, and good was never good enough.
I made 12 tackles one night, and the next morning Wayne told me I had missed opportunity for two more.

Like Dan Shore, he was never satisfied with what is...I miss them both, upon reflection. Both of their shadows seem always a little behind and to the LEFT, cause I'm left handed...they never missed much in their lines of work, or lives.

Hope Dan and Wayne have a beer together...and a good laugh...about the misery they caused and the ultimate good they accomplished on their watch. God knows you both pulled enough rank, and chains. May there always be a little spot of dirt on the pearly gates for you both to bring to someones attention. Who know where that will  happen in the current religious climate.

Sorry, I don't have an available picture of Wayne...we never got of picture of him when when he was young...he always seemed old to us kids.

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