Friday, July 23, 2010


This girl ain't happy, her money is gone. She bought a pair of glasses that took her college savings, and she is destined to a life of poverty with no promise of parole. All because fate dealt her a bad hand...poor eyesight...and over priced glasses junk.

A person very close to me just bought glasses yesterday...from one of the the thousands of places you can buy glasses advertised by toothy, clear eyed, no zits,  male and female models. They must pay them well indeed, for the glasses are over the top...

Start out at $99.00 advertised special and end up at $499.00.

Sound familiar? If everyone in America were in the glasses business instead of banking there would be no financial crisis in America, or need for a government to control the financial situation. Everyone would be rich just selling glasses to each other.
I'm sorry that you have to go to anger management class every time you buy a small plastic object with two holes in it for 200.00 to 500.00 dollars.

I'm sorry that to put two pieces of unbreakable plastic in the holes for another 300.00.

I feel your pain...I was one of you for 60 years. I broke more glasses than  most of you ever have seen. The industry flocked to my door saying. " Please, can I have a shot at your business"?

There is one glasses firm in Athens, Georgia who bought a summer house on Lake Burton and a Ski Nautique with the profit from just MY glasses.

I was given the gift of cataracts, and a the technology to fix my eyes coincided. I don't have to have glasses anymore, although my surgeon told me medicare would pay for some.Why hell did I just put 2 gallons of drop in my eyes for a month if I was gonna need glasses? 

Damn glasses, anyway. Cheap pieces of plastic...ought to go back to horse and buggy and let the horse do the driving...ain't ever seen glasses on a horse or mule.

Few could read in this country 200 years ago, didn't need need for glasses. Abraham Lincoln made reading  popular by lying on a dirt floor by the fire...probably reading a Superman comic book instead of that heady stuff they give him credit for. He claims that by groveling on his belly reading...he got elected President...go figure.

Lincoln once said "The Lord must have loved the common man, because he made so many of them." Flaw reasoning, if you ask me. Probably got that statement from a political science book. If you THINK someone is common go up and tell 'em so and see how fast they smack you one, or cuss you out. He didn't need glasses to become President, although there were moments when he wished he needed them looking at some of the people he had to deal ugly they had to creep up on a glass of water to get a drink, and ole Abe weren't no beauty queen.
You "vision enablers", or whatever cutesy politically correct term you want to use for "shysters" Be warned. We know who you are and are not happy about the fleecing of America you guys are involved in...cease and desist.. You're causing domestic distranquitiy...and that makes my life unpleasant.

Ah, I feel better. Wish my wife did. Anger management in a Blog...the possibilities are endless.

My daughter just informed me she buys glasses on line from a source Clark Howard recommends for $8.00, as long as you have a prescription and are ready to get god know what frames.

Now I"M not happy again.

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