Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well, I knew she would come around. Odessa didn't run, or cry when I went to Jessie's house today. She actually similed and came to see me, although tentatively.

I removed the post about her not liking me. She ain't real comfortable with me  yet, but I guess that comes with her getting older, and more accepting of the world she has been born into. Being forced to spend a few days out here in the wilderness with us wild beastes, with no Mama to save her, probably did the trick. 'Course Janice Faye is the baby wisperer;  babies know, and like that.

Grandchldren are something I never thought about having...if you have chillen' grandchiillen is gonna happen  "whar you like it, or whar you don't", as Mary Ferguson would put it.

I was, and am, sorta' ambivalent about them, It sorta' turns my stomach to the the Occhee Coo baby talk that goes on when folks get near a grandchild. Whining and crying for stuff ain't gonna' get it around here. I guess I'm just wired a little different...I do what I do, and they follow if they want...I'm comfortable either way...they love the guitar, singing, and stories told "with my mouth". Rough housing is popular, but generally ends in ends in tears, but, hey, they usually start it.

Odessa hasn't been on a tractor ride yet...

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