Monday, September 20, 2010


I finished the Omnivore's Delima last night. I found it quite interesting. Zea Mays, (corn, to you) has gone from a "royal bastard" to conquering the world. NAFTA has sent enough cheap corn to Mexico to start another revolution by tanking their corn economy. I heard that on the radio  before I went to bed last night...I thought it was a drug cartel problem. Is their something ADM and Monsanto don't want us to know?

 I woke up to NPR, telling me of the war going on as to whether to label Salmon as genetically engineered fish flesh. Man, things go to hell in a hand basket overnight, don't they? Even in Danielsville, Ga.

The problem of industrialized food has become well documented. The problem of what is organic and how organic is it, has become a subject of much debate..."organic" this, "organic"that... who knew that additives are perfectly legal in "prepared" organic foods?

 Mama's 92, and I think part of her longevity  can be attributed to the fact she grew up on 'farm groceries". The whole family of 10 kids contributed to the feeding of a family. I planted buck wheat in my garlic platches this year, buying a 50 lb sack. I told her about plalnting buck wheat, and her first reaction was "Bring the sack so I can run my hands through it. We used to grow it and have a huge bin in the grainery full. I loved to run my hands through the cool kernels."

As a kid, we churned our butter, made cottage cheese, grew veggies, butchered our own meat when I was growing up in the 50's. That was 5 miles from the center of the University of Georgia...hell, you can just now start raising yard birds for eggs in you back yard in Athens, Ga now, so long as you don't have a rooster to wake the neighbor Hood.

I got a response on my post last night from friend, neighbor and blueberry grower. He let me in on the fact that Einstein has weighed on my story of the "solution to the problem  being more complex than the problem itself". Einstein said, somewhat paraphrased, " the same thinking that gets you into a problem cannot get you out of it".

Gonna' take a while to turn this food mess around, it seems.That's the  thought for the week on this beautiful Monday morning in paradise.

It's gonna' be 96 today. What's this? The 20th of Sept? The  beginning of fall! Ninety Six degrees!

The fashion market moguls ain't gonna sell any factory raised sheep wool plaids in Danielsville this month with these temps! Turn them sheeps out on the grass and contemplate global warming. Cotton fall fashions next year, perhaps?

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