Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Clifftop Memories, a video

I mentioned Clifftop the other day, and someone  asked me what Clifftop was...I really couldn't answer in a coherent or concise voice. It's a state of mind that takes place in a State of Mind, West Virginia. Clifftop is really the West Virginia Old Time String Band Festival. It's held the first weekend in August in West Virginia, and you can't get there from here, even with a Garmin.

It consists of some 4000 people converging on a single mountain top for a week or so in August to play music, eat, visit, and forget the rest of the world for a while. The participants are bankers, hippies, housewives, children, teachers and if  you can name it, one of those people  is represented at Clifftop...armed with a musical  instrument. They all play acoustic music, Old time, Klezmer, Bluegrass, Jazz, Cajun Gospel and anything and all things between.

It's a mini Woodstock in the woods for a number of people who have come every year since year one.

It's a mini city, a one week shot that requires security,  food service, concessions, a professional sound crew, a huge water, safe water supply, toilets, EMS staff, and a small efficient maintenance crew ...whatever it takes to run a small town for a week.

The planning and assistance of a very dedicated group of State of West Va. employees, and a lot of dedicated volunteers, pull it off year after year...rain, cold, dry, no water, whatever...and everyone there pitches in to make it work at every level.

I have a blast every year. My hat to all involved in pulling it off so effortlessly to the casual eye.

Here's a video by a friend, Bill Dudley. His web site is Bill He has variety of great videos on the site, and has done a few for us. He does a Clifftop Moments  almost every year. He does capture the essence pretty damn well. Enjoy.

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