Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ludite in Training

I feel pretty self confident with my abilities to manage my own technology, I can change the points on all but one of my cars, I can almost manage to turn the VCR on, and feel comfortable typing with all finger on a key board.

However, when I visit Michael and Rebeka in their techno  life house...I am overwhelmed immediately. I am writing this on laptop computer that has all kinds of strange keyboard signs...to the point that I'm almost driven to hunt and peck.

Rebeka has taken a position at the Univ of Kentucky, and has more gadgets that Mr. Wizard for keeping her life in the fast lane. Michael is the same way. I you stay around people like this for a day or two they begin to find out how dumb you really are. I think

I'll just tell stories to 4 year old, going on twelve, grandson Thomas...his and my technology are about the same...well...he may be a little ahead of me.

The definition of a college degree, according to one of my ancient professors, was to know where to find the answers to what you need to know.

I'm very happy that I know what I know. If I need to do some weird things in the techno world, I can call on Michael , Rebeka, Jessie or Bryan to work it out. It's about like ditch digging used to be for me to have to delve into the deep murky waters of computers: double click control alt click it's all so intuitive! I guess most folks these days know what a shovel is unless a computer shows them a picture of one and gives them directions for it's use.

The definition of a college degree, according to one of my ancient professors, is to know where to find
answers that lead to solutions to problems. Now days, it's not going to grandpa or the farm next door, or the library..I feel so damned inadequate...very few old people to ask, and libraries don't cotton to Dewey Decimal System anymore. The librarians are in on the cospiracy, too. They hand you a computer card and say go for it!

I guess the answer is to take a computer course. I'd really rather eat a bug...

I'll just go to Michael and Rebeka, Jessie or Bryan, and hope they'll come to me when they need to know something old.  As if that will ever happen in this lifetime again.

Old is now as old as newest well hyped   PC...you don't need anything else! Until the big plug gets pulled and I have to learn to write again...and NOBODY could read that left handed mess...even me.

Until then, I'm a well qualified ludite.



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  2. Any particular reason you don't think to turn to me for technological advice?