Friday, October 1, 2010

Renee was just here...and

Renee is my wife's daughter...blonde, 5'2" and about 100 lbs with an attitude of the 800 pound gorilla you here so much about. If I'm wrong about the size and weight, I'll hear about it. She's the blonde perky one in the followers column.She's the perky one, third picture, top row.

She had a rare night off tonight, no "boys" to cook for, all the animals cared for and and itch to see her Ma and watch a movie...I usually come in at dark for supper to sorta' let them have some girl time. As I say, it doesn't take her long to "engage". You have to spar with Renee, or she thinks you're mad at her. I was in the house long enough to wash my hands and make some "dumb' statement like "Is dinner ready"? DUH! you think we just been watching a movie?

She's got game, friends. She plays sweepstakes regularly and  wins good stuff... free gas, grocery store gift cards, Six Flags free passes. I never knew there was so much free stuff around. She'll drive up in a new car one of these days. She has one of those jobs that you have to stay awake all night, in case someone needs she has time on her hands to pursue such endevours. She an Maw got a nifty ride around Atlanta Speedway in real race entering a sweepstakes! Too much fun!

Speaking of cars...

I lost a car to the little gangster once. I had just gotten some new chickens, and they were not really of laying age but close. Renee is not fond of chickens, and did not care to go into the pen with them, but we were going away for the weekend, and she was in charge...which means chickens were part of the duty.

I don't remember how one of my car got involved, but she finaggled it so if one of the chickens laid an egg while we were gone she'd get the Plymouth Champ, a car that was just her size. The chicken laid and egg and I lost a car. I always thought she planted the eggs but Renee is so sure of herself she would never stoop  so low...she just got game.

She loves to play 1 Minute Bejeweled on the computer, and I just watched her make 269,000 points in one minute. I KNEW I wasn't going there. Her name is always on the top of the winners list of all her friends that play against her. She probably types at 85 words a minute and numbers just crunch theyselves when she hits the keys of a calculator..

I have often told her she has too many antennae, and the incoming data can be digested and put to work faster than I can even think. She was a gymnast as a kid, quick as a cat, and serious as a heart attack about winning. Small ankles and wrist kept her from being the best in the world. They couldn't take the strain...

Beside all that, she is a real smart you- know -what. She can come back with a snappy one liner in a heartbeat.  I told her that she was like a little velociraptor, or whatever those little things were in that dinosaur movie. It don't matter how big, she'll jump on you like a buzz saw. I guess if you're really big enough it doesn't really matter...but just know she means to eat your lunch if she can.

Competitive? UH HUH! Like a Hummingbird.

She asked if I would ever write a blog post about her, and my response was I had been thinking about doing some posts on  my favorite people, and my least favorite. She wasn't sure how to take that.

Well, Renee, here's your blog...and I still don't know how you talked the chicken into laying that egg! But you won the car fair and square. Did you promise to take her for a ride?


  1. Dearest Paw.... You left for a week. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to be looking for eggs so I just did. All I said upon your return was here are your eggs and YOU accused me of planting them! As if! So I merely said bet me the car then! The next day those lovely chickens laid more eggs and the rest is history!
    You are close enough to the height and weight that I'll let it stand :)
    Love you Paw....... see you soon ;)

  2. Very nice! It's like an epic poem to Renee.
    And Paw, you're writing a post about all your favorite people? Ahem.

  3. Love it!! This is the most accurate record of Renee of all times! Spot on! I was delighted to read this!