Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Trees: They Are 'A Slipping Away...Old folk song

I have been thinking about the trees lately...I've noticed they have more exposed roots. My guess is that the drought has shrunk the soil away from the trunks as they grow and the leaf cover has turned to dust. This exposed root is just a theory, mind you, but if you look closely at the picture, it seems the trees are about to migrate to a wetter climate...They grow those octopus roots that just scoot them along the ground.

We may not see them, but I have a feeling they can walk...Ents. You saw or read about ithe Ents inTolkien's Lord of the Rings. They  live and breath... and are timeless. Trees have seen many more sunrises than the whole of humanity; they were in the Garden of Eden, to be named by Eve, as if they hadn't names before. 

Men have taken all the great forests in America. in the 1700's, a squirrel could get to St Louis without touching the ground. Our present day trees are much smarter and worldly than theirfore farthers...seeing as how they have been uprooted and drug all over the country...some of them don't even know where they came from.

These new era trees are on the move. They are now gathering in an undisclosed site to discuss the future...I hope they leave oxygen out of the sanctions they will place on the human race for our indescretions...but everything's on the table. It ain't gonna happen tommorow, if you know anything about trees...they don't do anything in a hurry.

Trees are getting tired of it all. One tree from Central Park in New York City reported he had been peed upon 497,067 since he was a 4" youth. Disgusting! Another was made into toothpicks for the hell of it, 45,000.631, to be exact,  and a BIG pile of saw dust. Some huge Mahogany trees are used for pallet wood to ship God knows what, all over the world, only to end up being burned in my wood kiln, 30.000 miles from home. Hey, Tom used some of my "select" pallet wood pieces to make marquetry inlay in an old time banjo fretboard. Lucky ones, those. Most pallets end up in landfills.

I think some of my trees have decided to go on this epic journey to wherever trees meet to discuss the future...the Beeches and Holly's seem the ring leaders on my place...they have moved quickly up from the creek and across the hill and have taken over an old cotton field in 60 years...pretty fast for a tree. They were burned out some 20 years ago and still keep moving. They seem to run in packs, and exposed roots are a dead give away they are planning a trip together. I'm seeing a lot of exposed roots down around the chicken coop.

here's how I dealing with my trees.

I've already promised my trees I'll only cut down and dead standing for my winter's wood...they have agreed it will make it easier for them to make a get out of here if they don't have to maneuver those who do not wish to go. T very the old, the infirm and the very young have promised to stay for my summer shade and catch snow in there arms this winter. The child bearing trees are going to leave a year's nut crop to reforest the place before they start the journey. I asked if they were gonna take their leaves with them. "No", they said, "we're gonna travel light, and you'll need leaves to mulch your garlic this year". Enjoy the colors this fall"! They laughed at this...if you can hear trees laugh. The Beech trees will take their leaves with them, they always keep enough during the winter to make noise when the wind blows and keep them warm. The Holly just loves cold weather...sheds his leaves in the spring. I have a feeling there are Northerners in their wood pile a few generations back.

I wished the trees a safe and prosperous journey after our little talk, and went to bed.

I woke up remembering the dream...Hmm, the trees DO look a little distant this morning.

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