Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Problem Is?

You know, the 365 days in a year are like looking at 365 snapshots.  One gets very tired of looking at each of the 365 pictures individually, but at the end of 365 snapshots, you get the BIG picture. Good or Bad! It is what it is, as we say in the South. We've been running the train for a while. We're running the train...year after little humans...for better or worse. At the end of 365 we get to do it again...for better or worse.

Damn, I've had some good years, but man some of them really sucked. All in all, I'm happy.

For some reason we humans seem to study things, organic or not, with a keen eye. We seem to generalize our existence, but demand everything else dance to our music. Our excuse is we can't help how we do what we are programed to do. Lame logic in my opinion. We all know that whatever the future brings, we'll go there sitting down.

Maybe we should study those 365 photos, one at a time, at the end of each 24 hours. I think at the end of 365 days, we'll have a clearer picture of the BIG picture...and a better understanding of who we are, as  individuals, and as human beans. Then maybe no one will have a bad year!

I'd like to thank my daughter, Jessie, for the idea of rummaging around in my hard head for a Revolution, oops, Resolution for this Year coming up.  Jessie, you inspired me to think of something beside how ugly the TCU uniforms are as I watch the Rose Bowl today. But I AM sitting down. Prophesy fulfilled! Gonna be a great year for Garlic, Pots, Music, and Pat.

A toast to Old Ange Syne:

To humanness! May we figure out as individuals what it is. BUT, (there is always a caveat) lets have fun doing it! Next year, may those photos you look at with that human brain of yours be FUN ones.

Calvin? Machiavellian to the core. I'm glad I didn't have to teach  HIM in third grade. I'll bet THOSE pictures would be FUN!

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