Sunday, January 16, 2011

When 1 and 0 collide

Bryan came to look at the computer. He is a man of few words and mutterings.He actually volunteered to bring Odessa out to the farm and look into the latest failure of 1's and 0's on the damn computer. The computer is as dirty outside as it is inside, being used and abused by myself. I, as a charter member of Luddite Curmudgeons, adopted the Rhett Butler "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"! approach to 1 and 0.

Bryan is foolhardy, to say the least,. He took my daughter to raise. THANK YOU, JESUS.,,AND he's getting a doctorate AND he decide to take pity sakes on the old Dell...a name I remember attached to some mighty fine comic books...oh, how the mighty have fallen!

Anyway, Bryan began to tackle a reinstall of Windows in a  unit bought back in the dark ages, 7/24/06. As Mitch Jayne would say, "Them 1's and 0's is so wore out you can see clean through em...time for some new 'uns."
Well, 9 hrs later we got some new old ones from the original start up hardware/ Software/.Mushware called Windows. I think I learned a few things during the process of a reinstall.

1. The system was copied for the IRS, an outfit that has the most adversarial relationship with the American Public since Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson.

2. No one would ever have the nerve or patience to attempt a reinstall if not forced to take computer in school /college.

3. Window Operating System,  and I use the term "operating" loosely, is a giant pyramid scheme. The more you use it the more.the pyramid grows in height and weight (sorta like myself) until it just "fall over, go boom."

4.When waiting hours for something to happen, it give you time to play guitar and play with the grand baby, who humored me by actually engaging with a parent in the same room.

5. Muttering under his breath, as he packed up to go home some 9 hour later, Bryan muttered, "It's a damn wonder of wonders they work at all."

6. The "good old boy system" and the old  "feather bedding" techniques are rampant in the Window System. It's so top heavy with companies that pay big bucks to be" fleas on the big dogs back."  that Windows will never work till they get rid of the fleas, it seems.

So Dear Reader, you have new 1's and 0's until the computer gets so encumbered that the 1's and 0's" fall over, go boom".

Thanks Bryan, for the new 1's and 0's. Guess I owe you some firewood! That I DO understand.

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