Friday, March 25, 2011

Funny Stories, Driving Tractors

When you drive a tractor, you have time to look out at the world going by more slowly than in a car....and you're getting something done cause you can hear something happening behind you. Tractoring  give one time to think, reflect, wonder, worry, plan or just chill out. It's a wonderful way to get in touch with one's brain.

So, asfer hooking up the rototiller, I started out this morning with  wondering who the Braves manager is, and who they traded and how Chippers ankle ever got, and when the first game is. That took about 5 minutes. Then the old brain started thinking about my nephew, Jason. He grew up running with his Dad, who had high hopes for him, President of the United States, you know the typical Dad Stuff. Jason indulges his dad, and his dad indulges Jason. A simbiotic relationship that is always on the verge of disaster.

Academia was the culprit that allowed Jason to succeed. He, like others of the Shields clan was not a gifted student...and he knew it, we ALL knew it. He did give it the old college try... for about 10 years. He finally won that battle...and Dad gave up. I relate this story from ason's school days.

Jason was in first or second grade, it doesn't matter. The "no knives in school rule" had just come into being. They Georgia State board of Education was serious about it. Jason took a knife to school, a small fingernail knife. He took it out in the back of the room, where all Shields boy always sat, and got caught with it. The teacher took Jason and the "blade" to the principal straight away. The principal called his Dad. Now, anyone that knows Bob Shields knows  that rules were made for every one else, but in this case their was no wiggle room...wasn't any way to help the boy out.

The principal, a family friend, informed Bob that Jason would be suspended from school for three day Per state law, for "packing". Bob understood and agreed, not without an argument. Before the principal hung up, she told Bob not to worry too much about it... just get him a real estate license and put him to work for Shields Realty. "Why"? Bob asked.

Apparently, when asked about the knife, Jason never hesitated,. He told the principal, and the teacher that the pants he had on had belonged to his Dad when he was a little boy, and he must have put that knife in his pocket a long time ago. Jason said he had just found it there that minute, and would never have brought it to school had he known it was in his pocket.

The principal added that any 6 year old that could think that fast on his feet without cracking a smile, could probably sell the hell of of anything.

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