Monday, March 21, 2011

Get the Martin out, Karen

One of my ex students I haven't seen in 35 years emailed recently. She's musical director for a small Catholic Church in Brooklyn NY. As a teenager, in W V, she took guitar lessons from me, and went on to get a masters degree in music. She somehow found me on a music website, and we have been catching up for the last year or two. It's a long way from WV to Brooklyn NY! I really would enjoy hearing the rest of the story!

In her recent email, I detected a tremor in her musical self...that trained musical self. I think she needs to spend some time with her musical roots...go back to the true vine, or something. Her inner musical self needs some TLC, I think.  It happens to everyone. I even quit music a few times, once for two years!

For about 12 years, I was a full time performer/storyteller. It was all about performing, not so much about what I was performing. I sold talent to a promoter. He, in turn, sold me to an audience. The audience became the judge and jury. I was happy with that. It paid the bills. It was not what I had hoped it would be in the end...the fun went out of it. So I quit. Home, Home on the Road was not for me.

I eventually met a group of people that brought the fun back into the music for me. I have been playing with them for 11 years or so. Music and good fortune got us to Ireland...twice.We have played for everything from BB Q's to Square Dances, and even performed old time music in Tuxedos in a fancy Atlanta hotel. Not my idea! The point is the music has become a joyful noise again...the way it used to be.

So, Karen, you're a very lucky person. You found out who you are and what you wanted to be. You're doing a great job of it, I'm sure. Music ain't all work..take a little time with that new Martin guitar and make some  music for yourself. Just for you.

My doctor told me once when I complained about the price of my medicine. You worth it!

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