Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ponderings of a Grouchy Ole Hippie Man

My daughter has now gotten herself in the poo. She has labeled her dear aging father a "grouchy ole hippy man in her otherwise splendiferous blog, the Cloudless Sulphur. Go there at your own risk...she may be laying for you, too.

Article I

We went to Florida this past weekend for a few visit and play music with "the Florida crowd", and to pick up a bunch of bee keeping equipment. Yes, I am now officially forced into beekeeping. I have enough "stuff" to keep up to 15 hives, and my bee friends are not letting me back out. They now want me to host Bee Yard Central...when they get too many hives for their ratty little fields.

I am enjoying being's good for my arthritis. I think it's overrated as a cure, and I'm sure it's a bunch of bee keepers way of rationalizing being saying it good for you? I manage to get it about three times every time I visit the girls. Got one the eyelid a few weeks ago...and one was inside the bonnet with me the other day. Both my fault...carelessness. They really don't want to sacrifice themselves by stinging, but I guess my being a big dummy is punishable by a dope slap. Po ole bee had to do the Christian thing and sacficifice herself to make the big dummy smarter. Thank, Miz Bee, I'll sto' that bit of expensive education info in my head bone, so none of the rest of  the sisters will have to teach me that lesson again. I'm learning, girls, give me a break!

Article II

It was a very warm, peaceful Panhandle Florida day. It got up to mid 70's by 11:00 or so, and I was enjoying it. Everything was warm...hands, feet, back, ears, and nose. Even my hair was warm, what little there is of it. I know it's warm when I can go out without a ball cap. Got my little noggin red.

Suddenly. found myself  looking for shade. I looked at the thermometer and it was about 81 degrees. so somewhere about 79 to 81 is too warm. Hmm. So in Florida in February, it's warm enough to hunt shade. I guess that means in Georgia we'll be about two to three weeks before we can officially "hunt shade".

Wonder do they ever hunt shade up North at 80, or do they start looking at 60...80 probably calls for Air Conditioning!

Article III
Somewhere in my misspent youth I heard that spring moves 100 miles north every three days. It's about 350 miles to where we went, so that would put it about right, by mid March we could see 80, the way things are going for the past month. We ain't had no's been like summer. I remember living in W Va and having frost in mid May. What this be about, I thought. We would have a fire until early June some years. I got over that in a hurry.

By garlic harvest in early June I'll be sweating like a hog...the first weight loss program of the summer. Then I'll go to W V where 80 will be cool. and 60 will be blanket time. We human beans are never happy, are we?

Good tunes, good friends, good food, and a weekend where its warm...I was happy. And getting happier...come on Spring!

This ole grouchy hippie man has done pondered hisself into going to bed. He done Articled hisself out.

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