Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm turning 100 ... posts, that is

Well Folks,

 This is the 100 post of the Mudcat Mundane...thanks for coming along for the ride. I've learned a few things... like spell check, so I don't have to spell. I have learned to edit my thoughts... somewhat. I haven't broached the subjects of politics and religion...other than as a cursory off hand comment as I promised in my first post.

I have had a few rants...I feel I  had just cause for most of them, cause I wanted to share the inner sanctum of my pea brain. Hope they didn't scare you off.

I'd like to thank those who subscribed to this blog early on:

My daughter Jessie, who got me started with this crusade. She has some 50 followers to her Cloudless Sulphur blog. She a funny girl...a little weird at times, but hey, look at her Paw.

My step daughter, the mouse that roars, who always has a smartass good natured remark for the Paw. Her motto: "Don't start none, won't be none". At 5'2" she mean it, too! 

Billy Cornette, who joined to humor me, but lets me play his Henderson guitar. Look forward to some tunes this summer.

Carter McCaffery, a mentor potter who allowed us to camp out at his shop for a while, for which we are eternally grateful. Carter is one reason we have the Georgia Mudcat Pottery where it is today.

David Edwards, who was fighting a battle to save a dirt road, his. I wrote a post about dirt roads...we still need more of them, adorned with old iron bridges across gentle streams. David's Pig Roast is KILLER!

Kristin, who should be reading, whom I have know since she were a little tadpole of a thing. She ain't much bigger than that now... with two childrens, My my....

A new friend, photographer Lisa Elmaleh, who's tintype photography awesome. Her renditions of ole Bearpaw got even my daughter's attention.

Brent Tozzer...of the blog "Banjo's I don't need no stinking banjos", an old music buddy and great friend of old time music.

Anthony Nelligan, who joined because David Edwards brow beat him, I guess.

AND last, but not least, thanks for the 5, 969 hits to this blog. Makes me feel like it's worth writing.

If I left anyone out, sorry. Maybe I'll get better at this. It has helped to recount some of the fun in my life, and exspouse my displeasure with the pace of modern life. I have NOT improved my punctuation...especially the semi colon thingy, though I try to use one of them now and then. I have tried to keep the sentences short, so as not to ramble. I do have to edit those sentences....again and again. Takes more time for me to trim the fat out than to write the damn posts to begin with.

I have kept my promise not to write about my wife, Janice. She is so understated that it would take all night to list her many talents, cook, potter, grand baby whisperer. She can do it all. Thanks, Janice, (although she'll never read this.)

To all the characters, smart people, some not so smart fellows, followers of the simpler way, friends who have fed me, let me crash, helped in times of stress and need, employers who put up with me, fellow musician buddies who have allowed me to join them in the music that comes from the true vine...ya'll will get your chance to pop up on the blog screen...if it gets into my mind to write about you some night. You've been warned.

Take heart...boys and girls, don't take life  serious, it ain't no wise permanent.

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