Sunday, May 8, 2011

Losing Control

Every year about this time I feel that I'm being washed about in the Sea of Indecision, in the land of No Time, and the Lord of Get R Done and his wife Google Calendar ain't happy.

I keep whining to myself," Ah, tomorrow I'll water garlic and garden". Ms Google says otherwise. She tells me to shut up about April, it's been eaten by the Sands of Time. What you planned to do in February is more important than what you need to do now.

Yesterday was square dance playing day, we played two in one day, sorta' like 36 holes of golf. Today is Mother's Day. To me it's day garlic watering and pig weed  out of the garden, tater mounding, and  bee tending day. But NOOOO! Lunch at Bob's at 1:00 for the half of the population of my family tree, the mothers...seem to be more of them al the time. Them little ankle bitters of used to be are the mothers of today. What up wid dat!

Last week was go back to work at the Hardware on special assignment for three days. Nest week is play with swimming pools for Bob a couple of days. An unholy host of other mess with jump up on this here screen demanding I- Mediate attention. Fat chance of me gettin anything done on the farm next week!

I flat refuse to do ANYTHING like lunch or dinner or drive to town or receive guest on FATHER'S DAY this all ya'll get over it now...Get R Done and me are having a meeting, and it's gonna' be right out 'cheer on de farm.and Ms. Google Calendar ain't in the plan...

'Course I don't mind paying homage to Mama; without her I wouldn't have this problem, but Mothers Day, Christmas , Forth of July, Arbor Day, ole Christopher's Invasion of America Day, Easter, Armistice Days, all come at bad times. George Washington and Lincoln's Birthdays are different...ain't nothing going on in my life when the decide they need to "eat cake".

So what am I doing at 7:30 this morning? Reading Calvin on the computer, drinking coffee with That Damn Cat in my lap and writing the curious readers among you  this rambling whine.

Opps! Coffee's gone, the mother in my house is up, sun's getting warmer, TDC wants out, and the garlic is screaming... WATER!


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