Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time Compression

Well, the time has come to get after it. Gotta tear up jack for the next few weeks. Fun's over, duty calls and all that mess.

I got a head start on cleaning out the garlic drying shed before I took sorry for 5 days at the Florida Folk Festival. We did it right...music all day and night, food and drink when needed, and a nap every day. Now comes the payback. Ole Gus says he's coming up Sat to help...we'll see. he's a Florida boy that's used to this 95 degree heat...I hope. Boy it sure came early this year.

I checked the garlic just before I left and said to myself. "Self, you should really stay here and get a few of these varieties out of the ground and drying before you go". I seldom listen to myself when I use that tone of voice. I wish I had.

hung the wires for the drying pipes and pulled the old flatbed into the shed this afternoon. The old Dodge took the opportunity to come inside the shed to pop a  gas line, spewing stale stinky gas all over the ground...guess I'll be smelling stale gas and garlic for the next two weeks. Got it fixed, and i still smell like gas...damn a bunch of ethanol, it stinks!

Before the 6/18, all the garlic has to be out and hung (15,000 of them little devils). I have a few special order pottery to make, we have one kiln to fire with a show coming up soon. Teaching a class at Allegheny Echoes coming up...maybe I'll just use last years itinerary for the class, and hope no one repeats the class.  I won't worry about that.

Seems all the corn (4  fifty foot rows) will come in about the time Allegheny Echoes starts, and all I'll get is a few gnarly ears for my efforts. Probably have a few tomatoes coming in, too. I should have read the back of the seed packages and counted the days to maturity before i planted...don't know why I would, thought, never entered my mind until I saw the tassels peeking out. Jessie and David will blame raiding the corn patch on the crows and coons...but I know. Taters starting to die back, too. Got to get that tater plow fixed.

There are a few music jobs in there, and a few days at the pool company for brother Bob, and a day or so at the hardware. I do this every year, cram three months into one month.

Oops, forgot. I was suppose to do the hay, but the grass pickup on the baler is waiting for parts, and I'm saving money for a hydraulic "power beyond kit for the JD 4700. The dealer says the regular hydraulics aren't suppose to do that work. My green machine seems to be an odd duck when looking for aftermarket parts...yep. them boys in green make it hard to go anywhere else for a part. .

I still haven't run the rototiller through the pig weed to piss it off enough to put out thousands of sprouts instead of just one. I want to Roundup that stuff SO BAD, but Mr. Natural says I must cut it, pull it, stomp it, and put up with it until it takes over the whole garden.

So next Jan. I'll wish I had something to do...and January will seem three months long.  With nothing to do.

OK I'll stop whining now.

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  1. It could be worse Paw, you could be wearing 2 casts right now :)