Saturday, May 14, 2011

When they REALLY MEAN IT...

Ever been in a situation when someone has had enough, and some dummy pushes one to many buttons. "T'ain't funny McGee, to paraphrase and old radio show, Fibber McGee and Molly.

One ole cowboy I knew out West was teased about riding a horse of Arabian descent, a  high strung little devil...that could not stand still when everyone stopped. It made the other horses nervous, and the rank and file gave him a great deal of grief about his "silly little horse". He had given fair warning that "someone was gonna get hurt, and it wasn't him, or his horse."  if they didn't lay off.

Old man liquor talk mighty loud when it get loose from the jug, and someone had to push that button one more time at the bar on Saturday night, and folks, it warn't pretty what happened next. Said cowboy is probably still riding the same horse, but I'll be you  he don't catch much flak about it, cause when he finished there wasn't a body standing, or a table, for that matter. I headed for the door, and watched!

This guy was about as laid back as a person could be, but he had enough and came unglued. happens all  the time. Everybody has a point that can't be crossed unless you want a good ass whuppin, as they say. The safe money always favors the one spurned, cause adrenaline is a power tool.

The ole boy had wrote that sign at the top of this page means it, people, and if you can't translate it, you better go find someone who can. I admire his honesty, and am not about to tread where even Angels fear to tread. There is some dummy who will, and wonder why everybody picks on him! Learn to read the signs and you'll live a lot longer.

These are the rules of engagement I learned form hard experience and common sense. Foremost, try to stay away from places trouble is likely to be waiting. It's much easier now than it was when I was 21.If you happen to be there, pay attention to the conversation when it heats up, find out what the issues are, decide if it's a "not your dog, not your chicken", note the fuse when lit, and by whom... find the nearest EXIT sign if you don't want to involved.

It's been written on the Tomb of the Ancient Pharohs, Don't tug on Superman's cape know the rest.

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