Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm Baaack! for a little while...

My, how time flies when your having fun. Been a month since the last post.

I've done been 1500 hundred miles or more, had my 70th birthday, taught my guitar class for Allegheny Echoes, picked up the gran chile at his other grandma's in LA (lower Alabama, for the uninitiated).

Janice and I  moved furniture from Va to Ga, and  I bought a '71 Volvo Station Wagon, which didn't make it home due to a dragging rear brake caliper...still got to go back to Va to get it with the trailer.

We spent a couple nights in Lexington, Va., with Freddy and Vicki Goodhart, and a couple days in Hillsville, Va., with Billy and just hanging out with people once in a while with no agenda...taking sorry.

I'm wore slap out...and there's a 5 year old that has to ride everything on the place once a day. He ain't pushy about it, but persistent.

Garden got some rain while we were gone and some irrigation, too. I've got some sweet tater vines that are taking off like Kudzu, and plenty home grown 'mater coming on. The corn is gone, but the okra is producing strong and the watermellon/cantaloupe crop is looking good.. Groceries is good this time of year!

The garlic's dry and I got two varieties of garlic processed... 5 more to go. Renee's little fingers are a big help.
 She can shuck more garlic in a hour than I can do in and afternoon.

The Buckwheat I sowed on June 18 is up, and almost in bloom. That means the honey  has to be extracted to make room for the buck wheat honey. Interesting to see how the honey turned was a strange honey flow this season. The bees have been on their own all summer, haven't even opened 'em up.

More blogging when I slow down at the end of August...It'll be Dawgs football by then, and it ain't safe to be on the road when that mess starts, thirty three thousand college kids and football fans that start tailgating on Tues. or Wed.before the game. I'll stay home. Be time to think about planting garlic again..

Damn, where'd the year go so far! It's less than 6 moths to Christmas...

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