Friday, July 29, 2011

What Would Shakespere Write...

We, the people, invaded a very nice piece of Real Estate and called it America, after some wandering sailor named Amerigo Vespucci. We have  made a real mess out of the administering to our new found land grab. 

It seems we decided early on, while "conquering the wilderness", letting one of  "our peers" do our bidding in Philadelphia, and later Washington, DC. One of "our peers" did the arguing, and We, the People, did the dirty work of building a country. Willie Shakespere would not have been concerned with "We, the People" in the least...he would be too busy cookin' up messes in Washington to write about.

Our choice to give our voice, as a  people, to a popularity contest has finally come calling on us. We need  to rethink our decision to let the same players be in office till death do us part...Ole' William Shakespeare was good at dispatching folk, if you've ever read any of his "high brow" murder mysteries. He dispatched 'em,  good and bad alike!

The players in the present game in Washington, DC, seem,  for the most part, to be "foxes in the hen house".  Here are men who can convince you a baby chicken is far safer is the egg. Said congressperson will  argue and filibuster the point until the chicken attains frying size, about six weeks. Our man then eats the chicken, to prove his point and leaves the bones and feathers to us as proof o f what he says! "De end ob de chicken and the beginning ob de feathers"! as Uncle Remus would have put it.

A illusion, a miracle we cry! This man has supernatural abilities. We want him to represent us! Yeah, he must be returned to Washington  forever and ever Amen!  Ole William would cringe! Kill him off! Send him packing! Get some new fools up there!

We have given over our voice as a people to egotistical maniacs that do very little in our interest. We, the People, are not equipped with the intellect to argue such high and lofty subjects and pork barrel, taxation, environmental concerns, and the rest of the xbdetzz! that flies around capital hill. Them that are there make sure of that. Most in Washington treat us like Mushroom:  Keep us in the dark and feed us BS! We elect them to do that for, and to us.

History, or hear say is that Thomas Jefferson fought hard for the Electoral College because he was doubtful that the "Huddled Masses" had the intellect to make wise choices through popular election. His point is that the final decision should be made by people of high intellect, moral standing, and judgement...hence a bunch of political cronies do the final counting...and it has caused some raised eyebrows in recent elections. William would LOVE this !

The melodrama that is playing out in Washington, DC, over the past two weeks would make William Shakespeare weep. "The debt ceiling crisis..why did I not think of that story line", he'd moan, " it makes Mid Summer's Night Dream the worst of comedy"! Oh, those clowns and buffoons make Falstaff look the most intelligent of men" . What a masterful job of casting..."Author, Author".

Do I seem a bit sarcastic? A bit cynical? Opinions are like arm pits, everyone has 'em a few. I apologize for getting dangerously close to the "P" word, as I promised I wouldn't do  in this here blog. It's just literature.

I take the 5th, Congress made me do it...and William Shakespeare encouraged it.

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