Sunday, August 14, 2011

The DEEP HEAT whine...

Honestly, were it not for Sept thru March, I would be very happy to live in the Southern Atlantic States. A few years ago we started skying out in the direction of Almost Heaven, West Virginia, thereby trading the mid 90's for the lower to mid 80's...a no brainer. We can sell pottery up there as well as here...and I can play music with the I'm an Old Fart Fraternity for a couple of weeks

All us young studs of the 60's and 70's are turning out to pasture...not that we ain't able to do anything, we just choose to listen to our bodies a bit more. We don't drink as much, or at all. We go to bed when we're tired, closer to 12 than 6. We play a little slower. We know tunes that the youngun's, but it takes us a week to remember them. We are learning that shade is our friend and taking a break every half hour to stretch, pee, or cool off is acceptable.

Finally, according to a poster I saw of the upcoming West Va State Fair, we're beginning to look more like Alice Cooper. I hate to admit that...but black eye shadow, and stringy, thin or no hair are the norm. Alice is apparently still on the road, go figure. He so ugly he Mama put the sheet over he head so the sleep could creep up on him! We're all gettin' there...drugs or no drugs.

What I'm getting at is I don't like extreme heat anymore The South begins to heat up in mid June... 90's, then mid 90's and finally the low 100's with 80% humidity. I could have cared less  when I was younger, but it hurts to be out in that environment any more.

I talked to a friend the other day who has moved from Washington. D C to Los Angeles. She said she finally caught on to California...83 down to 60, no screens on the windows...I mean, what's not to like...and it's year round. I spent about 10 years out there below the snow line near Sequoia National was wonderful. 3000 feet below the residents of the San Joaquin Valley were slugging it out with 100+ everyday.

So, the point of this ramble is that I'm back in Georgia, and I'm stuck here until mid Sept. Clay to grind, sweet taters to dig, garden to replant with fall stuff, bees to rob, trees to water, and the whole time I'm sweating, Sweating, SWEATING.

As a caveat, my brother Bob owns a pool company. he can get into some real messes...on hot concrete in the bottoms of pools in August...most of the "pool boys" are going back to school, and guess who's sweating his butt off 66. Poor planning!

Oops, my phone ringin' ... *&((XX^#... Bob just called to see if I could help him drill anchors for a BIG pool cover. about 150 of 'em. Gonna be 94 today. Here we go again, and we have to keep our clothes on!

The upside is 50's and bright sun in January...and very little snow.

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