Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Does What I Think Matter? I Don't Know, Ask Me...

I'm looking for a mild mannered, even tempered superman he has to have lots of  smart, lots of people skills. He should have been a CEO, a diplomat, a career economist, Professor of Law, at Harvard, a former member of the Brooking Institute, a former Medical Doctor, and so wealthy, temptation for graft and kick back are not an issue. We elect him next President of the U.S. The press would NOT like that. Not enough skeletons in the closet for them. The Press has the answers to life persistent questions, anyway.

We COULD just skip having a President all together and save the person and the country the embarrassment Everybody loves him.her when they running and two weeks after the election, ain't nobody happy, even Mama, and the poor man has 4 years left of "it's all your fault!"

A solution might be anyone winning the Lottery each week, in each state of the union, alphabetically, is required  to be president for week. 52 Presidents a year, one from each state. They don't need the money, they just won millions, and apparently, no training is needed, just a bunch of advisors. All families including his or her spouse, children and grandchildren, mother in law and family get to move in the White House and help run the country.  That ought be be at least as interesting as what we have going on in DC now!

I'm interested in a weather man who simply says. "Ain't no chance of rain today, folks" or " It's cold out there and it ain't getting any better till spring" Just the facts Ma'am, just the facts. None of this hippy dippy weather girls smiling and asking ME questions like "will it warm up outside? Stay with us?"  She probably hadn't read the forecast, either.

Wal Mart should hire all the small business owners they put out of business, and let them manage the company...wonder if anything would change.

I think Ethanol in gasoline is a bad idea. It ain't good for my non flex fuel machines (what ever a flex fuel car or truck is, I ain't got one.) Alcohol draws water to the gas, or anything for that matter.  Alcohol is corrosive, turns gaskets to jelly in small engines, scores cylinder walls. The biggest downer is that it actually increases the price of a gallon of gas.

Alcohol don't come cheap. Farmers have to be subsidized to maintain the River of Corn.  Ethanol Distilleries were gonna' be the new thing, but are going belly up everyday. It doesn't give better mileage, and it don't save oil. people...we been dumped on again. Raising corn takes tractors, machinery, and a whole lot of fuel. Distilling it mixing it and getting it to the market adds yet another step. Agra Biz just LOVES it!

 The dead horse called public school is dead. Stop throwing money at building fancy new schools only to have Population decided to move somewhere else, leaving a huge building and a bucket full of debt on taxpayers. Build portable schools that can move to new population centers. I taught in WV, and was told they used to build small portable buildings, and when a population center outgrew it, they took it apart and  loaded up on trucks, and put it up in the next holler that needed a school. This was told to me by a man that bid $400.00 for the contract to teach school for a year in the late 1930, The contract required he by the coal as part of the deal. His school was taken apart and moved the next year.

If you just gonna' build a new school every time Population decides to move to the new "hot " location, and then bring in trailers after two years, just build an airport type concourse, back the trailers up to it like they do airplanes at the airport,and call it a school. When the  Population moves again, build another covered breezeway and back the trailers up at the new location. Turn the obsolete ones into office space, senior centers, libraries, shopping areas, and stop building failed strip malls. Over simplification?

Cater the lunches, as some school systems  do already from a central kitchen. Principals and staff can work in a trailer house too. Regional Athletic fields work, no every school has to play on Friday night! Build fields on acre or two around the concourse, a park, so to speak, for a common space/practice fields, walking area, out door classroom, and involve the community. It might just allow people to reconnect with the education of the kids.Soccer Moms and Little League would not be allowed to run these facilities.

People who yelp about taxes could have an opportunity to work for the public...on  roads, in schools, in offices, or wherever help was needed. The pay would be applied to their tax bill. They used to do in Georgia. I imagine most would just rather pay, as to work.

So, while I ride on the tractor, or mess in the shop (according to my wife), work in the garlic patch, I do think about things...I'm sure most of you do, too. It matters what you think...and if enough of us think, we could start a movement, it's been done before. Thinkers Unite! Want to think a while?

OK, I done....

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