Saturday, September 3, 2011


That's a good question, Why? Little kids use it inscessently. Why did I do that? It runs through the minds of football quarterbacks as they get their little cotton socks knocked off, or you're in mid air falling off the roof you KNEW was wet. When the blue lights come on behind you with a beer between your legs...

Yes, Why is a Great Question.

My wife has a daughter. The daughter has talked my ordinarily wary, thoughtful, practical- beyond- words wife into going to Six Flags in 90 + heat. Why? What mortal would PAY to afflict that kind of punishment on oneself...and ride on things that are out of control and have a reputation of killing a few folks a year! Why would one be stupid enough to get on one of the damn things. I'm sure there is and explanation. she's pretty tight lipped about it, except she gave me the ole "I know you're gonna' think I've lost my mind but...

I usually accept it with a grunt, and my mind races to Six Flags. I had to drive up the fabled Six Flags Hill out of Atlanta with the sun in my face in 80 an hour traffic at 5:00 PM, usually with a Peterbilt on each side running 80, too. That, my friends, is a dark and snakey place to be, and rivals anything Six Flags can dish out. I will always try to be a good boy, cause hell must be like Six Flags!

The " why" question drives everything we do. Why did I go to college? Why didn't I by some gas at the last station? Why is my girlfriend a jerk? Why is she my girlfriend? Why does stuff cost so much? Why are politicians  pompous asses? Why didn't I go to be at a decent hour last night? Why did I just play a G chord there?  Why, Why Why. Adults ask why more often than they should... just not as often or as loud as kids do. Wonder if any other cultures have the "why" thing going on?

Thomas, the Grandchild gave me the incessant WHY one morning as we went on our daily rounds to the bees, gardens, garlic patch, pottery shop and I kept answering back with some answer or another just to see how long it would take him to catch on to what I was doing. He finally got tickled that I was making up stuff to answer his 10,000 WHY'S. It worked for a while. Where did that why thing come from? Is the brain set up with "Why" as the first letter of the alphabet the minute we can speak language?

I'm gonna try to stop the "whying" things to myself. Most of time I'm asking myself why, I already know the a mental regrouping technique the brain does to us?  Maybe that's why?

Opps! There I go again! Why did say  that! This is hopeless! I'll probably get more mileage with "I know you think I've lost my mind." Short trip....

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  1. Life is easier for bass players...if we shouldn't have played a G (note) and we notice it quick enough, we can quickly slide to where we should be and avoid the question of "Why?"