Monday, October 31, 2011

Trivial Pursuits

The garlic planting is getting close to being history for 2011. Thank the Lord! It's cost me at least two trips to the chiropractor for work on my shoulder and neck. The bending over and repetition of putting them little rascals in they beds is about put me to bed. Time we finish they'll be about 20,000 and some little garlics in the ground...clawing to get up before October snow in Ga. FAT CHANCE! Oh you poor devils in New England.

Went to Dahlonega to play a freebie concert on Sunday. John Tom and I did it without the den mother and the scribe, LD and Hank. Didn't feel the same, playing and singing without LD. I think I missed the bass most of all. She makes me sound better on guitar. When there isn't a bass, I'm the bass, and what used to be fun becomes real work on a fast fiddle tune, especially with my hand wrapped around garlic cloves for two weeks. You know that wasn't a problem when I was younger, even into my 60's I could go out and dig fence post holes and play guitar with no it hurts. Can't get up to speed anymore for at least half an hour. Not good. A new revelation of old's creeping up ever so slowly.

Turnip greens patch is beautiful, or was, till the little critters got into them...insecticidal soap and bacillus thurbgensis on them little critters tomorrow! The collards and rutabagas aren't too much affected by the critters, but turnips and mustard can't handle 'em.

Deer hunting is in full swing. The boys got two at the farm on opening day. Jacob got his first two deer at age 12 this year. I didn't even have a gun at 12, I don't think. He about died when they took them to the processing plant. The sign on the door said 55.00 per deer, packaged and frozen, ready to go.  Jacob allowed that would certainly slow his hunting down. Hey, Jacob, learn to butcher and package your own and save 55.00. I admit, it's one reason I don't hunt deer. I got one and did the whole thing myself, and it took most of two days, and it wasn't a big deer. Freezer paper ain't cheap either. $55.00 is probably a pretty good deal.

Got the carb on the 71 Volvo rebuilt, and still won't run up to speed. It'll will idle as smooth as silk, but give her the gas, and in dies. JR Blue says it need more gas...i put an electric fuel pump in the line, in front of the mechanical pump, and it does a little better, but the answer is putting it back by the tank so it's pushing gas, rather than pulling gas. just haven't had time to really tear into it properly. She'll be a sweet heart once the bugs are out of it. Maybe some insecticidal soap in the carburetor will help.

Shela Nichols' John Hartford Kickstarter documentary film project is a little more than half way...$8,000.00 out of $15,000 raised. They have till Nov. 15th to get r done. Hope they make it. I liked ole John... and his music. www.

The World Series were a class act this year. I hated to see either team lose. They both showed a lot of class. The Cards winning is as impossible a dream as it gets in baseball. 11 games back in the wild card on Aug. 25 to winning the series is incredible. The Thursday night game will go down as on of the greats...if you missed it, shame on you, if for no other reason than the drama.

Time to get back in the pottery shop for the Christmas push. I have been a slackard lately, but I have kept Janice in clay. I got the kiln repaired while she was visiting grandson Thomas...and his Mama and Daddy, those being secondary visitees.

Thomas is all over halloween, and wants this costume or that, and Mom and Dad finally tell him what he is going to be. God, I'd hate to be five years old again, or 15 for that matter. Always an impending disaster...and being helpless to the whims of parents. That always put me over the top! Me and Bob would just run away for a day or two, until we got tired of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup out of a Boy Scout mess kit with one spoon and creek water to drink. Yeah we used to drink out of the creeks in the 50's. Got my Polio and Typhoid shots, though.

Speaking of shots, I got my flu shot and my P new monia booster today at the Health Dept. I was amazed when they handed me a piece of paper with my whole immunization history from when I was 2 years old! In 1942, for God's sakes, in Illinois! What are those people doing with all that info...they had shots down I didn't even know I had, even as an adult! Makes me feel better to know all my real parts have other little buddies running around in their playing hide and seek.

Fire in the stove tonight and last night, feels good. The cat loves it, too. She crawls under it for a few and then back to the chair for awhile...repeat. She'll get bounced outside later tonight...she's got all kinds of warm hidey holes, I'm sure. Wish she clean out the squirrels that have decided my roll of insulation would make a good winter nest. I got to get up there and get rid of 'em. They got insulation tore all to pieces.

Well that's the news from Strugglesville...hope you'uns is fat and happy. I leave you with a little humor from Mitch Jayne. he wrote this a long time ago, I never get tired of it...and this is not the original...I can't find it, mores the pity.

The Dent County Snake and Tick Market Report
Mitchell F Jayne

Tick and Owl market report, courtesy of Hoo Boy Tick Farms, and Mother Tucker's Tick Kitchens, the largest Tick Research facility in the Southeast. "A Hoo Boy tick is a smart tick, and if your tick smarts, it's a Hoo Boy!"

First of all, the Tick Receipts for today: We received one carload of ticks at the Hoo Boy exchange. The car was a '55 Nash Metropolitan, pink, brown and white in color, with a necker's knob, fuzzy dice, and mudflaps.

Tick prices reported from the National Stockyards in East St. Louis: Booger County Commons up one penny; Hoo Boy Hardback White Dot Crushproof Dry Valley Wonders up 5 cents; Dog Ticks: Canners and Cutters, a few gobbies, some culls down a penny from yesterday's late trade; Prime Softshell Hoo Boy sapsuckers holding steady at a three dollar bill per bushel. Our new Poultry and Housepet tick, developed by Mother Tucker's Tick Research Laboratories, the Marcoot Marvel, topped the market at a two dollar bill.

Moving on to the snake market, receipts were mixed this week, with Blacksnakes topping the market at bidding of three cents a foot. Rattlers were steady, a few old and cull Copperheads a cent up, Cottonmouths running a cent a bale higher. A lot of Chickensnakes for sale this week, because they aren't laying on account of the hot weather. Garter snakes hold up well, and if you are thinking of stocking Snakes, Garters aren't a bad idea. The Hoopsnake market seems to have no end to it having come full circle from last month's low of 1/2 cent per foot.

Alapaha Sand Catfish are doing well, and sales are brisk.

Hoot Owl eggs are moving well, as are Buzzard eggs, both kinds topping the Grade AA market at three cents apiece..........

AMEN! Boy, I sure miss Mitchell F Jayne.

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