Thursday, January 12, 2012

TCD Strikes Again!

I remember in  Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book stories, a tale about Mowgli, the Jungle Boy "letting in the jungle". In this tale, Bagerra, the black panther, comes to visit Mowgli, forced to  come to live with "man" again for his own "safety". The panther sails noiselessly through the window of the mud hut to confab with Mowgli about the goings on of Shere Kahn, the rouge tiger, who is after Mowgli's little hide. Great stories all, un Disneyfied! The sailing through the window is the operative phrase, here.

We experience the same phenomena in our mighty fine double wide this morning. That Damn Cat (TDC) took advantage of the open window by our bed this morning. She pounced  through the opening of about 6" inches from 4 feet below...with enough agility and momentum pull herself through the opening and onto the bed beyond the window. I had opened the window a little more than usual to get some fresh air.  Now people, THAT will get your adrenaline going better that coffee in the morning.

 I don't startle easily, but Janice can startle the world when she gets surprised, especially out of a dead sleep. Grandson Jacob used to sneak in the house on hands and knees, crouch beside the stove and go Boo! Janice usually freaks just long enough to whack him with whatever is handy or chase him around a little. It still is a source of great entertainment for Jacob to startle Janice and his Mom.

I am dutifully putting the screen back in the window. I take it out every winter to watch the birds on the feeder. You can't see 'em as well with the screen in with old eyes.

Jannifaye done allowed no more "cat through the window" tricks. I don't blame her, What  if the Lions, Tigers, and Bears around here get the same idea!

Yep, cats of any spots and stripes are amazing creature. TDC gonna' get her comeuppance, if she has committed the "open window" trick to memory. Cat face prints on the screen!

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