Monday, February 13, 2012

I've been found

It is true that this internet thing has made it more impossible than ever to hide. Cell phones haven't helped...they can triangulate and find where you're standing if you have your phone on. It's scary!

A friend from the 60's  found me on Sunday . Said they just typed in my name and up I came. I tried typing in my name and sure enough, it WAS me. i didn't mind, cause it was great to hear from him alnd his sister.. Thought about him a couple weeks ago. Serendipitous thoughts deserve attention. Guess I should have looked for him, but I didn't know how. Tonight, I tried a Google search and got zilch back. They must know something I don't know...I'm not on face book or any of those sites...hmmm, I need to find out how they DID find me.

Getting scary out there when you can go to your grandfather's old house in Meadville Pa. go to street level and look through the windows of his house 65 years later. I was one or two when he died...but his house is still there...just typed in the address... I'm not sure he might not have been sitting in there drinking coffee getting ready to run his locomotive to New York. They don't have steam train locomotives anymore...unfortunately. Sure a funny feeling looking at the past here in the future.

There are two things that pop into my mind. What's gonna' happen when the BIG PLUG gets pulled, and does anyone under 60 have a clue how to do simple math? The banks blame it all computer error, but could they figure a way to keep everyone's money, mortgages, car payments, etc. straight, without a computer to blame it on? Snail mail and railroad tracks are just about gone...lordy, we gonna' be in the poo!

I'm scaring myself, now. I'll have bad dreams if I do anymore "what if's". I'm gonna' have to count garlic to get to sleep. as is.

Well, Goodnight Charlie and Fran...thanks for finding me...I needed help gettin' out of the 100 acre wood.

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