Friday, March 23, 2012

Little Lesson in Futility

I was just reading my daughters blog, and she was answering a questionnaire her friend sends out every year...for fun. The questions all seemed to be pointed at the "I" in me. With that in mind, look in the mirror and answer as "you." Confused? Me too. You could spend years on the first can ask for help if you need to. Good to get a second opinion.

Question: When did you first know who you were.
Question: Is it better to be a social animal than, say, an animal like a badger that prefers lots of "alone time".
Question: Why is no one ever satisfied with how they look.
Question: Why do people fall in love, get married, get divorced, and can't stand to be within 100 miles of that person, when short years ago they were all over each other.
Question: Doctor Lawyer Professor, Scientist...why do parents put so much emphasis on knowing what the kid is going to be when he's not even out of  high school, and can't wash his own clothes"?
Question: Is long division really necessary?
Question: Why would anyone want to be famous, or win the lottery?

I'd answer these for you, but you're in your own custody. Deal with it. Can't find the time to answer life persistent questions? Go for a long drive by yourself, turn off the phone, no radio and listen to Mother Nature's your head.

Bet you can think of a thousand other question...rather than answering mine. Remember, all decision are made on insufficient data. Good Luck, and Happy Birthday.

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  1. I will answer those questions for you, Daddy. The answer to most of them is "no" or "because people are stupid." But I'll give them a shot.