Thursday, March 15, 2012

The little things

How many scoops of coffee?  Damn, the kitchen floor feels gritty. Where's the bag of cat food? Oh, it's in a container. How many little things of liquid go into a half load of clothes? Wonder if it's alright to wash an old "mid color" T shirt with the whites. Now, where are all the vitamins, and which go in the morning and night box. Uh Oh, the library courtesy notice is in for the the second time for material I can't find. Janice! Jannifay! OH CRAP, she's gone for two weeks. Well at least she left a ham, a pot roast, and two loaves of homemade bread. YES, there IS money in my jar!

Folks, an old gentleman told me once that the most precious thing in his life was his wife. He said he was made aware of that fact every time he got a clean pair of socks out of the drawer or sat down to supper after a long hard day.

Oh, I've done all that which must happen in a house with or without children, for years.  I took care of grocery shopping, feeding kids, washing clothes, windows and bottoms, cleaning house, toilets trash cans...but somehow in the last 10 years I don't do  any sort of house work, even cooking, regular basis. I used to mop and was the kitchen floor every week when Janice was working her "public" job, as they say in the country. Now it's once a month, if that. Looks it too. Her being gone is showing me what a slack ass I am.

Neither she nor I have the time to live a Better Homes and Gardens lifestyle with the pottery shop, which is her "home" work, and my farming efforts. Both of these endeavors are highly unprofitable on an hourly basis. The satisfaction each gives makes up for the living on the edge...most of the time. Wish I could go to Florida to play music next 3.69 a gallon? Nope!

I guess I'm gonna clean up what I've trashed over the past 4 days. I might just move in the camper so as not to completely trash the place whiles she's gone. It'll take a week for me to clean up what I can trash in 3 days. The campers so small you can't kick a cat in there. No room for messes. Being in you own custody has it's disadvantages.

Have fun with T Bird, Janice, and we'll keep the light on for you. Maybe by the time you get home, I find where every thing is hidden, Oh, I did find the library stuff, right beside the tape player, what a coincidence! I'll try to remember to not wash the light and dark clothes together. What that be about anyway?

Man, this running a household ain't for sissies. Farming is much easier. Think I'll go weed some garlic.

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