Monday, April 2, 2012

OK April, Shake that Bootie

I don't care what the almanac says or when Good Friday comes this year, MY garden is in the ground. I put her in 3 weeks ago amongst howl of "it's gonna' FROST"!


Frost, my patootie. I had a gut feeling that it wasn't gonna' frost in March, and it almost didn't. We had one night below 32 that did any damage. All it did was take the Japanese Magnolias out. Jeez, they never learn anyway.  That is one plant that should have stayed at home. Ain't nothing uglier than a frozen Japanese Magnolia!

Anyway, the last frost date in Ga is April 9th, coming right up. I have a friend that is insistent the they can't plant their garden till Good Friday. What that be about? They ain't gonna' be eating roasting ears 'till late August, and I'll be eating my second crop.

I might get squash before the bug this year...and hopefully before the pig weed get stickers.
I have Rattlesnake Bean up about 3 inches, and cukes peeking they little heads out. The asparagus roots I planted last week and already pushing up stalks.

April is the best! Warm enough to take your shirt off and soak up some rays. Cool enough to sleep blissfully with the windows open. You don't have to drag around all manner of heavy long pants, boots, coats, hats and other gear that add 20 pounds to an already taxed arthritic bone structure.

I just turned on the outdoor shower this week. This afternoon I took one just for the sake of looking out through the woods at the 50 shades of green, and a few wild azaleas, and having that slightly warm water oozing over you. I used a bar of soap that actually stayed outside in the soap dish all winter. It cut the scum from a day filled with everything from tractor repair, clay mixing, garlic weeding, garden gazing and springtime malaise, with no problem. I think it rather enjoyed being brought into service again.

April is cathair, (one word) month. I have trained TDC  (thatdamcat) to stay still for a hair brush, and so far I have raked enough off her to make an XL sweater, and line half dozen bird's nests. She seem to enjoy getting that pelt off.

TDC  is gotten into into lizard mode. It's gonna' end in tears. Janice Faye keeps her eye out for her lizards, and TDC know they are off limits, but she can't help herself...she a damn cat! That doesn't cut it with janice. Laws of the Universe say if you kill a lizard and Janice catches you at in the poo! It ain't gonna' be pleasant.

I'm looking forward to getting April bee packages on Wed, and starting again...after a disastrous last year. I did manage to get some honey out of the hive that was robbed, and died as a result of the robbing. The robbers didn't get to the honey before I did...but I lost a hive of little ladies who fought like demons. I hate to lose a hive...but maybe a swarm will come my way as a replacement.

David and Lee are getting bee packages. A package is three pounds of bees and a laying queen ready to go to work! Love getting folks started. Last years honey flow sucked...this year looks more promising...but we got to have those April get the nectar flow going.

You hear me, April...SHOWERS. I love you, anyway. April, you always show such promise!

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