Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Don't Look, Ethel! The kids is been cheap shotted.

I remember the old song "Streaking" from some distant past or another...probably the 70's, The punch line at the end of each verse was always "Don't look Ethel"! and something bizarre would happen.

Well, to my mind, our younguns are gettin "cheap shotted' by adults for the sake of a mass media dollar.  It probably started with Disney, and the band wagon got swarmed over like fleas on the big dog's back. Some of the crap that comes out of Hollywood for kids is just wrong.

It's been forever since I had any contact with " kid TV/film" market. I was introduced to the art of cheap cartooning, bad music, no plot...and two 10 year old's acting like Darth Vader over a bunch of cards. Pokemon!

 Do those kids have a home, parents? Do they live on the junk food the sponsors advertise? Do they sleep in the gutter?  What's the deal?  Money must be at the bottom of it.

Another one that gets to me...and has since it started.  The Simpson's are not funny PEOPLE...they are as sick as their color...and if I had a kid like Bart, I'd commit him myself...or commit myself! It is a "cheap shot" to call it fit fo chullun.

 I know, I know it's all make believe...but does a 5 year old really KNOW that. Granchile Jacob watched too many scary movies as a kid that he and won't go out in the dark as a 12 year old.  He says "it ain't the dark, but what's in the dark". I don't get it. We couldn't wait for dark to play Capture the Flag or Hide and Seek.

I do not do movies. They are real to me. I find enough unpleasantness in real life. I don't feel the need to have my pea brain trifled with by a bunch of "creative" minds in Hollywood to put me in an altered state. People pay $12.00 at the box office to leave an hour and and a half later in mental shambles?

Wake up, people! Go for a long walk in the country. Take the 5 year old with you! The hour and a half walk will do you more good than a movie...and the kid will sleep better.

Violence! I remember  in the 70's a bunch of Mommy's in California, got together and decided that the Roadrunner, Bugs Bunny, Popeye, Sylvester the Cat, and Daffy Duck, ie "classic cartoons" were so violent they were poisoning the minds of their children. Whoo wee, where are them grand mom's now! Bet they wish the Roadrunner and Daffy were back!

I guess what I'm trying to convey is that I have lost touch with what the 5 year old brain is fed these days. The Bothers' Grimm were the first to scare hell out of little kids. Hansel and Gretel, Beauty and the Beast, anyone? Bet I could scare some five year old butts reading THAT in a dark room! Probably not.

Tonight, as Janice began the 3rd chapter,Thomas has announced that Charlotte's Web doesn't move fast enough for him. Give it to Hollywood...they'll take care of that and make a Happy Meal toy out of it, to boot.

Yep, the kids is been cheap shotted, Ethel.

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