Monday, June 11, 2012

Feels good to have a few nice rainy days. Wish I had the time to get some buckwheat or peas on the garlic fields. got 'em all plowed, except for the Silverwhite; that could have come out Sat, but I just didn't have the steam left. I played a squrae dance in Danlonega on Friday nite, and didn't get home till 1:30 or so. Funny how late nights make for lazy days...I slept till 9:00!

Spent yesterday and today in the shop...making pots...much to my wife's approval. She walked in the shop and announced it looked like a real pottery shop...pots everywhere. NY turnig skill are rusty. I burned a lot of clay before I produced anything I thought worthy of keeping. Speaking of backs, mine is S-O so' as they say in the South. Standing on a rubber mat on concrete all day long gets to me. I did that way too many years at the hardware.

The rain is wonderful...warm and wet...even the cat doesn't mind it. She came into the shop yesterday and shook herself off like a dog. Didn't seem to mind being wet. The cat  did mind Thomas and his squirt bottle last week. Squirt bottles are not fun for cats. TDC, (that damn cat, if you've forgotten,) has taken to jumping up on the window sill in the bedroom  t about 5:00 AM. Janice has a squirt bottle just for that occasion. That pretty much settled her hash when it comes to  early window sill prowling.

Opps another shower...we're up to about three inches in this rain event. Good sleeping weather...think I'll turn in. Just thought I'd touch base.

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