Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Gauntlet Facing Bloggers

I have been silently steered away from the early blog technology with which the Google founders armed me. That technology gave me the power to post pictures and other trivia. Some control over my tools. Now they done gone and screwed it up.

They do not allow comments now. I have tried, with no success, to comment on my daughters blog, The Cloudless Sulfur. I have been thwarted in my attempts, cause she's figured out how to keep me from embarrassing her. Probably a good thing.

The Google Gods do not like me to post pictures. It always took forever to put a little picture on the blog, and get it where you want it. I don't even bother, now.

I have become aware that finding a "free image" on line is a double edged sword. You could lose your life if you, God Forbid, use an "image" that is "protected" online. Even the "free" ones have consequences. Why the hell do they put 'em on there? I've finally figured's another form of advertising. I'll probably go to hell for using something that is/was taboo when writing this blog.

I ain't lying, folks, just telling a story. what's wrong with that?

I don't think I've given away any state secrets, secret recipes for charred pepper relish, or mystic BBQ Sauce recipe from the Etowah Indians, or direction on how to fly the Space
Shuttle to a perfect three point landing. That's probably unclassified info now, as there are no more space shuttles.

I have, however, given  directions on how to tune a guitar, which is impossible, according to music theorist, without an electronic device. Had anyone attempted tuning according to my directions, I could be called on the carpet. The B string on a guitar will never be in tune on a guitar in your, or Tony Rice's lifetime.

Back in the 70's I found the dial tone on our local phone was a low E. I proceeded to use the dial tone to tune the low E string as a starting point. I'll probably hear from some techno-freak that I led him astray, that using my method, he broke all his strings, and I owe him a set. Guess i'll have set up a LLC for guitar tuning.

Ain't no hiding place, folks. We are all irresponsible/responsible according to some code, law, amendment, commandment or Folkloric decree.

From now on, all you will see is a stark, sometimes mispelled blog title. No fancy pictures, graphics, videos, black holes, doughnut holes, or advertisements for Tube Rose Snuff. Just the facts, Ma'am, nothing but the facts.

'Course I could use images my wife takes with her mighty fine camera that I don't know how to use, if she gives me permission.

Ah, how blissful to be a Luddite...or is that a "coined" word, copy written in an tome in the US Patent Office. Opps, trouble brewing. No, scratch that, Gary Larsen used that as a caption for some of his cartoons!

To hell with it. I'm just digging a deeper hole.

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