Sunday, July 22, 2012


My daughter writes a for a Youtube Channel. It's called Scishows...I've probably mentioned her before. The whole premise is to present some science topic on a subject to entertain, advice, warn, and/or kickstart imagination. Sci Shows seem to be working, getting bigger, adding subscriber numbers, attracting advertisers. GROWING.

SciShows solicits ideas for shows from it's audience. Advertisers support these shows, so SciShows needs a way, not only sustain, but to GROW. How big so you need to get; that is the question.

I am suggesting  SciShow do a show on growth. I'd start it with the premise that growth is finite...not infinite, as most in this world seems to think.

I started out as a little tiny baby...hard to believe, I know. I am now  295 lbs. and 6' 1" tall. I grew ounce by ounce, inch by inch...probably more than I should have. Had I kept growing I should be about 30 feet tall and 12,000 lbs with no regulation to my growth.  Would we all grow to the point of explosion?

I have lived for 71 years. That's much longer than the average age in 1900. There are the mitigating factors; genetics, medical advances, technology, nutrition, immunization, etc. have allowed me to live this long, to be sure.

Growth cannot be maintained...I am slowly creeping  into a state of decline . I accept that. Growth is at an end...maintenance is all that's left. We all end up accepting this fate. It's biology at work.

Now, there are those who believe that growth can continue unimpeded. If the GNP doesn't grow every year, we are in peril of mass extinction. If one's portfolio does not show a rosy increase,  every year. someone or something is to blame.

If there are no taller buildings, bigger airplanes, faster cars, bigger TVs, WE are not growing.

There is evidence the universe is still expanding, growing. How big will it stretch? Is it like a balloon? Will it eventually pop? Who know, but I bet there are limits to all growth.

Anyway, I think it would be good if my darling daughter would suggest a SciShow on growth. What exactly is growth, how is it defined? How did it start. I think figuring out what BIG is will be paramount to the survival of us little Homo Sapiens.

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