Thursday, July 12, 2012

I know it's Strange...

How did it come to be, after so many summers, it boils down to tomatos and garlic? Used to be Memorial Day to Labor Day when I was little, then hang out and be a Life Guard in my teen years. Next came college (yuk) and "a job", double yuk.

Then came my early to thirty somethings schooling; gardening, old time, bluegrass, kids,dealing with tractors, balers, no money, traveling, teaching, old hand me down trucks and cars..ANOTHER round of jobs, triple yuk,

Seventy one summers later, here I sit in front of a computer, writing a blog, watching Janice can 100 qt. of tomatoes out of the garden. I am now cutting roots and stems off a ton of garlic...trying to find a market. Any garlic lovers out there?

I am a grounded person. I have fallen victim to the Peter Principal, which states everyone reaches his or her level of incompetence. Peter, whoever he was, won't have forwarded it were it not for older people being run over by younger people and technology.

I know exactly when I began to feel this incompetence steal into my consciousness.

I open the hood of a car some 20 years ago, and couldn't find the motor. I couldn't even find a place to spit and hit the ground under the "engine". I began to hear about oxygen sensors, map sensors, computers, key less entry etc.

Freaked me out enough to withdraw to the technology I grew up with, a series of automobiles with points, plugs, real keys, and a steering wheel the size of a bushel basket.

I, like my sainted 94 year old Mama, have blown off most techno fluff, and remain firmly rooted in the past. Mainly because it's too much bother to try to embrace the new. Old age has it's rewards. Refrigerators are good, as are electric stoves with replaceable eyes, and upright washer and dryers, if they can be found.

I have accustomed myself to microwave ovens...but still have that uneasy feeling about them. I do have a cell phone, but I use it for my convenience, not yours, and the battery lasts for a week, cause I only turn it on when I want...not cause you want.

I have let the computer penetrate my tough, somewhat scared hide. The scars are there for a reason. Schooling, not education, put them there.

I know enough about a computer to get me in trouble and and not enough to get me out. That's why I have found a young minds who understand my simple tech needs. In most cases, a 10 year old can explain to me what I want to do on this damn thing as it does not follow MY logic thought process. What was Steve Jobs thinking?

Technology was, indeed, sent from above...Mars maybe?

Think I'll go set on the porch swing, and practice banjo...still old technology, just new to me.

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  1. What? Wait. Was I just included in the triple yuk category? I think I was.