Thursday, September 13, 2012

It is, as it ever was, and ever will be...politics as usual

The human genome wasn't looking when some sadistic little DNA creature took it's place on the bus. It was  cleverly disguised. No one recognized the little feller as politics. Once on board, he slowly worked it's way to the front of the bus and hijacked it. Politics became the bus driver. We, apparently, are more tied to  politics than to family or friends. We to do unthinkable things in the name of politics. How others see us at election time is a very complicated picture. Personally, I could give a damn about most of what goes on.

While working at the Hardware, I was exposed to much meretricious persiflage on the topics of Politics, Religion, Domestic Dis-tranquility, and Unlawfulness, I was overcome as to how could people of sound mind believe some of the stuff I heard them espouse. I admit I was sometimes guilty of the "he said, she said",  my ownself.

What is it about the power of office that attracts some and repulses others? Why would  a community organizer want the job of dealing with what must be a thankless job. Again, why would a wealthy, privileged, man want to become a part of a socioeconomic nightmare. Must be the money? It seems public officials always seem to come out with more of it than when they took office. The longer they stay in office the more they seem to make, though the salaries I see posted for the job don't look to be extravagant.

The political races in this country...all of them this year, are costing 3 billion dollars.  That $3,000.000,000, folks! I did not contribute one cent, to my knowledge, to that $3,000,000,000.  I have no vested interest to protect except my "entitlements", Social Security and Medicare. Should I give money to any political entity based on that criteria?  I can die as well on Medicare and Social Security as without them.

How can we keep up this political spending? I thought the country was in a depressed recession, or something like that. Where is all that money coming from?

Does it really cost that much to convince people to vote?  Most people I associate with could give a crap about politics until about this time every two or four years. Elections are in November; it's now September. The media, the talking heads and the community organizers, are out giving every promise they can give as if, by some alchemy, the country will change on Inauguration Day.

Wrong. Ain't nothing gonna' change on Inauguration Day except the picture on the wall at the Post Office, and "their inflooence is powerful lacking". Maybe some "natural change will come in another 8 to 12 years.

My Mama said that "Democracy is a noble experiment, and the jury is still out as to weather it can survive as it was intended." She probably heard that from my Uncle Red, a political science professor and Doctor at Law. I too Political Science from Uncle Red  at Sewanee, and failed. So much for what I know about politics!

 I really don't know what you, or I can do except hunker down. I've sorta' been hunkered down all my life. Why?  Because I happen to have first hand knowledge that old man know it all died last year.

Be care out there, you'uns, them woods is full of "know it all's" this year. Keep you eyes open, ears closed, and traps shut. After the election, it'll be somewhat safe to venture out into the world  again.

Slow walking and sad talking by the losers after the election. Always .
Sad talking and slow walking by the winners after Inauguration Day. Always .

Thankfully, politics in this country is like the weather in California: Don't like it? Drive a couple hours in any direction and it'll change, maybe not for the better, but it'll change.

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