Sunday, October 14, 2012

Obsessive Writing Disorder.

My daughter has an obsession. She can't stop writing. Lately, in her blog, The Cloudless Sulphur, she makes lame excuses for not keeping everyone apprised  in what I call Jessie's Life. I think I've found the answer.

Jesslyn's calendar year begins a week and two days after the traditional New Year. January 9th is the beginning of her calendar year. You see, it's her birthday.

Her birthday is an important cog in the workings of our cosmic universe. The cosmic strategist have miscalculated things.  Jessie insists she has it right, and won't back down.  Jessie, and Cosmic Time Adjustment Board have not come to accord.  That being said, Jessie stays about a week behind, nine days, to be exact. Sorta' like the white rabbit in Alice In Wonderland.  I'm late. I'm late, for a very important date!

The act of writing accentuates her behindedness, as writing is a slow process and deadlines don't wait nine days. The foregone conclusion is she must write all the time to stay caught up.

I have told you that she writes for a You Tube channel called Scishows. That's how she spends half her life .  The other half of her time, she balances a frantic social life, a half time position with the Georgia Rivers Network, a three year old, a husband, and a blog. That also must be figured into her time deficient schedule.

The third half of Jessie's life is spent trying to get enough rest to take on with the other halves of her life. She's burning the candle at all three ends. No worries, mate. Ah, to 10 feet tall and bullet proof. We all were at her age.

I'm not quite sure how my biological replacement found her way to the fast lane...birthday mania forgiven. It ain't in her basic nature. She should, by all accounts, be a "seasonal plodders". One speeds up as the sap rises in Spring, coasts through the summer, backs off the gas in fall, and drifts to pleasant halt for the winter. Adrenaline need flow only when the house is afire...or frost is predicted, and the garden has to be stripped.

Jessie is a good writer. Her mother is a good writer, my other daughter is a writer. I attempt to inform the world thru pore spelling: punctuation; and sentance structure.

I suppose Jessie's obsession comes naturally. There is no cure. She does get paid for far. I can't wait for her first novel. It'll be nine days late.

You go, girl.

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