Sunday, November 18, 2012

Seems To Me...

Every time the media gets hold of, or invents a "buzz word", they use it to death. Fiscal Cliff, Fiscal Cliff, 'till you want to scream!

Actually, the one above is a lot scarier than my imagination can muster for the media/political one receiving million of dollars in advertising revenues to support the talking heads at Fox and CNN. Jeez, guys give it a break, maybe if you leave 'em alone with no  photo ops, they'll work on it.

 How did we get in such a mess? Political buck-passing for years and years, it just won't work, guys. Politicians that participate in the monkey business in 'ole Columby, lollygagged around and let things get in a mess.They put off until tomorrow what needed attention years ago. They ain't gonna' do much about it now, with Christmas coming, but point fingers, and say how disappointed they are that a compromise couldn't be reached. These "leaders", and I use the term loosely, couldn't compromise over a Twin Pack of Twinkies. Each side would want 'em both, and filibuster till they rotted, if Twinkies, in fact, can decompose. I have heard the science is out on that one, too.

So, as usual, this mess is all OUR fault...and we just got to pay up and shut up...and for God's Sake don't expect any but the huddled masses to pay a fair share. Should anyone knows what a fair share of too many zero's is, speak up.

What's gonna' happen if we fall over, or stop at the edge of this "cliffly"debacle. Nothing? A recession? Hell, I've been in a recession for the past 60 years! I'd like to see paying down the national debt a little, you know, sucking it up for a few years? I stay puckered up lately, it seems.

 I ain't too worried. Santy Claws will straighten it out, with the help of the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.
They stand a site better chance of solving problems than them in the stables of old Columby.

 That's what it seems to me.

Just as I thought...

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