Friday, November 30, 2012

Strange, But Wierd

I was walking to the fridge to get the milk for the morning cereal, when I was overcome with a strange feeling I was my Daddy...or felt momentarialy like he must have felt. Explain that one.

I remember having a similar experience a few years ago. I was reading in bed, and looked up to see this old, bald guy looking back at me through the window. It was shocking to see me as someone I had never seen before in my own  mind.

I burst out laughing. Janice asked what was so funny and I said, "There's an old bald man staring at me through the window, and he looks just like me"! "

" Umm, that's nice dear, you're out of your mind  again, go to sleep now".

I have tried to reason my latest extra sensory preception. Here are my thoughts.

Remember aunts and uncles telling your parents that "Oh, Uncle So and So used to act like that, or "Don't he walk and act like his Daddy." "See, I told you he was cut out same cloth, can't change a tigers stripes"

IF we are of the same genetic mush as our parents, as science claims us to be, would it not be possible that we could have the same "feelings" as someone of our same genetic mush. Of course, I know we can't feel like someone else, so far as I know, despite the old cliches like "I feel your pain", or "I know exactly how you feel".

 I do admonish myself  for "acting like Wayne Shields", as I have heard said more than once. Not that acting like him was ALL depended upon which of his the commandments you violated. I assured myself I would never have a running barking fit over something as trivial as not edging the lawn when I mowed it...while his Majesty was out playing golf. Sorry to say, my children could recount a few running barking fits...dammit.

Maybe that's what all this crap about ghosts is about. Unexplainable occurences. It was sure weird being Wayne Shields for a miilisecond.

Maybe the older we get,  the more our we see our parents in ourselves.

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  1. Daddy, you had a running barking fit, but instead of playing golf, you came over and did the work for us. Which is way better, because we never had to do the work for us. Ta-ta!