Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Life's Persistent Questions

OK, I admit the last post was a bit weird. Feeling like I was my Dad for an instant was disturbing, and annoying, at the same time. I do not want to be like my Dad...I like ME pretty well.  I'm sure some psychiatrist could have fun with that one...but I've moved on.

It got me on "leisure thinking". Here are some examples, and some partial answers to life's persistent questions.

Example 1:

Anyone been outside the past couple of days...what did we do to deserve 70's in Dec. Something bad gonna' happen. That's the point. When something is too good to be true, like getting hot enough to take your shirt off  in December, I, WE, assume it's an "omen of impending doom"?  The brain does not like it when things are not as they should be. 70 degrees in Dec. is not normal, therefore MY brain say "Danger, Danger, Will Robinson"! For every action, there is an opposite, and equal reaction...

Example 2:

Drop something behind the couch, fridge, stove and try to pick it up without tearing the house apart.Your arm is just 1/2 inch too short to reach it. How to go about it? A stick with tape on the end? Beg the cat to go get it. Call for longer armed persons. Oh, hell, just tear the house apart.

And along the same vain:

Drop something...why is it always the color of the medium you drop it on? If you hear it hit at your feet, why do you find it 20 feet away?

Example 3:

I maintain nostalgia is infectious. Listen to the Beatles, and then  carry on a conversation with someone afterward. Words and phrases like, "Way Cool, Babe", and "Totally, Man" or "Groovy", somehow work themselves into the conversation. Why am I talking like this? The reason is simple. That's the way we talked when the Beatles were IT. Don't worry, it goes away in a few minutes. Ah, nostalgia.
Example 4:

Ever wondered how many tons of leaves are hanging over your house, or yard? I've been raking and grinding leaves for mulch. There are TONS of them in the front yard. Them little devils are heavy! OMG, (gettin with the program now, aren't I), we don't have those little oxygen makers in the winter! I just now thought of that. I'm feeling faint. Those trees closed down the leaf factories tighter than a beach front arcade in January. Fire them down to the last man! Do we import oxygen from somewhere else during the winter? I'll ask Jessie if Sci Shows has the answer as to where we get our oxygen in the winter?

I'm sure you can come up with a thousand more persistent questions. I know my buddy Bob can, he's an engineer...and can't help thinking.

 I thought about these 4 today...and what we're having for supper.

Leisure thinking...they can't teach that in school, no way to test it.

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