Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What does this button do?

 Children have a fascination with button, knobs, and keys. I don't know what the Neaderthal kids did for buttons and knobs fun. I leave that to your imagination. My Nephew is an expert button rearranger. If he sits in the seat of anything, be prepared. All is not well. If it can be moved it will be, and if it won't turn, pull, make noise, push...break it..

 In my Luditishness (new word, Mr. Webster, mean IDIOT), I "mashed" a button (good Southern word for fingers, toes, buttons,) on my blog thingy dashboard and made 10 posts disappear. They are probably on the beach somewhere drinking cold beers, and enjoying a vacation. I hope they are in Alaska in T shirts and want to come home. I will try to find them. Post take a bit of time and effort to produce, and when the run away from home, I ain't happy.

There was a day that what was said on a button or knob was simple. The CHOKE knob on the dash of my 1954 pickup means, "if pulled on a cold morning, the truck with attemp to start". On our recently aquired "ferign" van, there are a host of "international symbols" on at least 100 dodads.

It took me a week to figure out SOME of them. Nearly had a wreck trying to figure out how to turn the damn windershield wipers on! We had to stop a a dealership to ask how the DVD player worked,  Thomas was determined to watch some movie for the 300th time. When Janice can't figure it out with the book, either the book is wrong or it's broken. Took two people from the dealership to figure it out.

I've made peace with the van. I turn on the key, figure out what bells and whistles I need, and get to a destination, and turn the damn thing off. That's Janices' ride. I'll stick to the '54 and the Silverado.

So far this morning, I mashed a button, and lost 10 posts. I did hit the right button on the coffee maker, I can smell the coffee. No more buttons to push this morning, people.

Hope you little blog posty guys are having fun at the beach, but I'm gonna' keep mashing buttons till I get you back, you little heatherns. While you're there, see if you can find my cusor...I'm getting tired of editing with the up down left right button thingys. We do keep beer at home, you know.

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