Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hospitals, an unlikely party place? Didn't seem like it to Mama

Well, Miss Virginia got her first ride in an ambulance, or "traveling light show" at age 95. Didn't start out that great, but ended well for all.

She came back from her usual run around "The Hill" to see what and who was around and had a dizzy spell. She got into the house and called Janice, who told her to call 911...she called the hospital instead, as one did in the 50's I suppose, and asked if someone needed to look at her. She wasn't feeling right. I'm not sure what transgressed, but she called Janice and told her to call 911 for her.

Of course, you can't call Clarke County 911 from Madison County, so Janice called Jim, a neighbor, who did call 911, and Lee. Jim came down to sit with her as the "traveling light show" showed up. In the middle of preliminary questioning, Lee showed up..."let the wild rumpus begin"! I have only heard snatches of that story. It involved video, I know that.

She made it to the hospital and after a number of inquiries as to family history, the testing began, and went on and on and on...for two days.

The first reality for Mama was the hospital bed. It did everything, including talk to you. Mama was like the Princess and the Pea...complaining bitterly about the bed. "Oh,this bed is too soft. How could anyone sleep in a bed like this? That went on for a while.

Lee's son, Daniel Epting showed up with food, saying someone called him and said Virginia was in the hospital and was hungry. Nice...we really hadn't eaten and it was 9:30. Roast Pork, baked chicken, strawberries, cookies and other goodies.

Daniel then decided to have a go at the bed, to see if the mattress was inflatable. It wasn't. Mama asked the nurse why they got those silly soft beds...and her answer was "probably because they got a good deal on a lot of 'em a long time ago"? Nuff said.

Sister Sally decided to spend the night with her. "Transport" came at 10:00 and took her for a MRI; a heart scan person came by about 12:00. The blood was drawn and the heart monitor hooked up. I think she was close to exhaustion by the time they left the room. A whole lot o shaking for an old lady for one day...that started innocently enough with a golf cart ride.

Janice and I took on hospital duty for Saturday. I met Janice  for lunch in the hospital cafeteria...excellent.  We had a bit of family time, and actually watched Georgia lose to Mizzou. Mama's comment was "poor things."

Bulldog Nation went into mourning, as there BSC hopes (if there ever were any) went to hell.  The red is gone from the Red and Black! Oh WOE is US! Yet another reason for a college town party WE LOST! Let us drink and gnash our teeth until dawn, then go to Waffle House for grits, eggs and bad coffee!

Mama excused us from night duty stating she felt she was in good hands, and was only going to sleep. She made sure we were to come "spring" her on Sunday. We promised.

Went over Brother Bob's. Fun to subtly "rub it in" to the crowd that gathers over there after the home games. Woe and misery and lots of Johnnie Walker Red going on over there. I did have a wee dram of Irish, and ate. The steak was excellent. Bob's a genius with his Green Egg.

Sunday "spring day", on the way home in her beloved White Cadillac, she announce that the hospital was sorta' fun for a day or two, just to see how different things are nowdays. She allowed the nurses were the nicest people, and she had the best shower ever...in the hospital!

The doctors finally found her fit as a fiddle, no stroke, just had a blood pressure drop by taking two blood pressure pills and not her A Fib, those are only two she takes daily, or should. Virginia..."I only take them when I think I might need one."  We'll remedy that one. When she left the hospital her blood pressure was 132 over 77. Mine ain't that good, some days.

We are gonna' start keeping a closer eye on the old girl...and as she said in the hospital to some nurse or the other..."I don't feel my demise is imminent."

In closing, let me say that as Janice was handling that situation, I was embroiled in a perplexing problem with Bob's 1953 Willys Jeepster Convertible.

I had promised it to a young lady who was to be in the MCHS Homecoming Parade. Thanks to Matthew Brogden and his astute mechanical observations, he/we got the problem solved an hour before it needed to take the now 2013 Homecoming Queen, Isabell Edwards, for her victory lap around the Madison County football field.

Congratulations to all, and to all a good night.

Whew! What a weekend.

I recieved a comment from Renee' that you can call any 911 system in the world, from Mars, if need be, if you know how. Wish I were 30 something again and in charge of my technology. Naa, not really...

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  1. Slight correction - Madison County 911 can connect you up with ACC 911 if needed. It's call a transfer. We are all multi-talented individuals.