Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I always thought...

 a third party system a good idea. It might offer a solution to the Govt. shutdown we are presently undergoing. Would a third party provide compromise? Would cooler heads bring compromise?  Would lesser politicians come together and create a dialog with the big boys that would satisfy all parties. I don't know. The third party we have now, the Tea Party, seems to being holding the country hostage.

I envision a third party system based on the premise that if you get enough votes in a general election, you earn the right to be a representative, and, therefore, included in the legislative decision making. If the big boys don't let you play, you throw your allegance to someone else. That would create a vote of "no confidence". I think we're there, no no avail.

Mr. Bayner wants nothing more than to keep his job. To do that he has to deal with the ultra consevative Tea Party implanted in his less conservative Republican allies. Not an easy thing to do. The Tea Party has made it clear there ain't gonna' be no buisness in Congress as usual...and they have managed to pull it off. Everyone in the party is shaking in there boots that they won't get re elected. A legitimate concern.

The Republican Party is being held hostage  by "them own self's", as Pogo would put it. Remember that scene in "Blazing Saddles" when the new sheriff get in a jam and puts his pistol to his own head and states, "Nobody move, or the Sheriff gets it!" That's what the Republicans are doing to themselves. Good luck with that.

This whole mess is something deeper than we realize, I fear. The US Government has never reniged on it's financial responsiblity. To allow that to happen for the first time in 225 years is unforgivable. This crisis to crisis governing needs to come to an end.

The next election will be a doozy! Ain't no telling what might come out of the wood work after this crisis becomes history.

The Australian Govenment had a "shutdown" in the 60's. The Queen fired the Exchequer, thus cutting of the money, appointed a new one, and the crisis was disarmed. Too bad we don't have a benevolent Mother figure at times like these.

Or a good, keen, Hickory switch!

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  1. Perhaps your 3rd party idea would break the gridlock, but the way the math appears to work is that Uncle Sam takes in somewhere between $225 and $250 billion per month in tax revenue. The absolute gotta-pay-for-it interest on all the various notes that the US has outstanding is around $20 - $30 billion per month. So default does not appear to be a problem if the debt limit is not raised. Now, maybe the Official Tea Tasters or some such other bureaucrats might be stiffed for awhile, but default in the classic sense does seem to be in our future. <bb