Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Well, I'm back, but on their terms...

You know, when I plant garlic, or make hay, or grind clay, it's on my terms, my  turf, and whims. When I play a mandolin tune, that's on my terms...ain't nobody plays it like me. I am an "on my own terms" kind of person. Stubborn, inquisitive, suspicious of those who would sell me something I don't want or don't think I need...it don't stop there, folks.

 That said, I am a damn fool for a computer. I put up with less from my 1954 Chevy pickup than I take from this modern marvel of the western, and all other worlds.

I like to write, but I hate to write...the physical getting it together with pen, paper, table, chair, lamp, and a cold beer and the  necessary mood, etc.are just not part of my daily routine. You'll never get a novel from ole Patrick...maybe a short story or two. That's why I do it on this LOVE HATE Machine. It's easy, and I'm lazy.

So, My XP system is old according to the manufacturer and need an upgrade What! Who cares? the damn thing is only 6 or 7...most kids can't even read at that age, and my XP System is old!

 So am I,  so is my truck, my instruments, the dirt I plow and my 1940's outlook on the way things are. Why can't I keep plugging along with the old girl?  When I die give it to a museum as something old that outlived me.
But NO! These young, weaselly pooter wizards have made this computer outdated...they want me to be faster, more gigs, more bites, more and more and more. Who cares, I can only type so fast, (or slow as the case may be).. I don't do online trading. I don't need or care about all that crap. All I want is a platform from which to speak my muddled thoughts in relative peace and quiet.

This all began when I wanted to write to all 12 of my subscribers... since I haven't communicated a mumblin' word since Oct 16th 2013. I went to my blog  www.mudcatmundane on Google, as usual.. Suddenly a very official summons appeared on the monitor (yes, I still have a monitor that weigh in at 10 stone).  YOU NEED TO UPDATE XP NOW. I ignored the message and tried to open with the "Create New Post" button. No luck,I was locked out of my own house! By my own damn computer! I tried for two or three days to get the evil UPDATE thingy to go way. No luck. I was locked out of my blog by a machine telling me I am old as hell, I KNOW that. What had I done to tip off the machine? OK, Hal, no more games.

 I have now thrown myself at the feet Google Chrome, who offered to save me from and "unsupported something or other. Ms.Chome has smiled upon my efforts to produce unintelligible drivel in type thrown  up against the wall for you to read. .

Problem temporarily solved...not the way I would like it...me and Google are not speaking, but I'm writing.

I DO NOT LIKE GOOGLE CHROME, SAM I AM, but I'm writing. Maybe I learn to like it, but I never learned to like school...and a host of other things one cannot easily maneuver around in this life...man made things.

The seconds are ticking for your computer friends, ticktockticktock

Pleasant dreamssssss

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