Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ground Zero

Can't wait till Winter  Solstice gets here and the sun begins it journey northward. I get a slight case of depression this time of year, even if  the sun is out and temps are in the 40's and 50's. Why? The days are too short. Get up in the dark, come to the house in the dark at 5:40. Ain't much one can do except get the wood in and maybe visit a project or two you didn't have time to do in the summer.

I would not make a good Alaskan. Don't do cold and dark.

 I've gotten the feel for the natural order of things in 70 years, and have finally begun to accept the fact life should, will, and must slow down in the mid winter months. Mother nature can and will, put the brakes on  for you. Snow, sleet and ice make travel tedious in most of the country...the radio blabs about airport closures as they interview people not happy with their carrier. Don't go. It ain't worth the hassle factor.

Mother nature is saying loud and clear this time of year. HEY! You guys just need to chill... play with the wife and kids, fix the hoe handles, shuck out the seed for spring planting, mend the harness, play a tune or two with the boys at the store...and get over this hurry up thing...that's coming soon enough! Split some wood, go deer hunting, break that new mule. Have some fun.

 I offer the following wish list to ease my depressive tendencies this time of year. Get rid of Daylight saving time...go one way or the other. I don't mind getting up in the dark as long as the daylight lasts a little longer. Dock the TV weatherman's pay $10,000 every time he gets a snow forecast wrong. That'll cure some angst. I'm sorta' like everybody else...I feel I need to prepare, and it's a pain to go through the exercise and not get the weather. At least I have a full gas tank and no where to go.

I've learned to make the "have to" list as short a possible in the winter. Kick back, play a few more tunes, and get through 12 days of Christmas. Dat's what I'm talkin' about.

Days will get longer! Be time to plant soon!

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