Sunday, December 8, 2013

Well, Well

Look, I do enjoy living in the land of the SEC. Seems like everybody else wants to join the SEC, too. Missouri, (west of the Mississippi). Texas AM (also makes it's home west of the Mississippi). I seem to remember something about Bloody Kansas and a territory called Missouri that wanted to become a State. I remember it having a great deal to do with the War of Northern Aggression.

Why would they let a suspicious party into an already full SEC fraternity? I'm sure it was to share the wealth with the poor.

There was there was a football game last week to settle who was the best team in the SEC. The schizophrenic Auburn Tigers, War damn Eagles, or whatever they call themselves day to day. and Mizzou...WHO!

Auburn is from a place that no one know anything about. Physically, Auburn is in the State of Alabama. Most there do not claim them. Georgia has no love for them, Florida is sends live gators to hunt them down. Auburn is the stepchild of the SEC. T

These two teams, Missouri, (which ain't from around here), and Auburn, ( from a place that no one excepting those who went to school there cares much about) were sent to Atlanta, Georgia to play the SEC Championship game last weekend. Guess they traveled by bus, as I don't know of a major airport near either of those schools. I did not see it, or hear it. I was splitting wood. ESPN told me this morning on the computer.

The outcome was the SEC Championship did stay in the South. Auburn won. This time for real, no flukes, no deflected passes, field goal run backs,  just football.  Auburn won a game they shouldn't have been playing, against a team that shouldn't have even been in the conference. Got to be the money, or the SEC Board of Directors did not want Steve Spurrier in the mix, so they hired two teams to keep him down.

Best  news yet for football is that next year the BCS nonsense is over and out, Kaput, Never no mo. We'll get a 4 team playoff that may,or may not make more sense. Depends on weather they try to stretch it out over 4 months to make more money for "education". Auburn nor Missouri would have made the cut this year. That is my own opinion. It  was not a great year for the SEC.

I leave you with this: No team in the history of American Football... Pro, NCAA, or Backyard, have been luckier than that bunch from a place no one knows anything about... that school that ain't in Georgia, and Alabama won't claim, Auburn.

I hate basketball, and the Braves won't play until April. (sigh) it' gonna' be a long winter. I know! Curling will be on in 2 months


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